Dragon King Legacy

The Kha'dran Leader
Log 19

The group asked the globe more questions before coming up with a plan of attack, they decided to raid the various storage rooms of equipment the Kha'dran had on their ship before attacking the control room and the guard point. The Globe told them how to use these items and how long they would last.

With that they all decided to take a vote, the last sword powering the ship was in the control room and there was no way to tell how long (if it would) to take if they powered down and then powered it back up, they wanted to charge the black disks they had and fight the simulation of the Snazzy Mek-Boss of Custard to gain some insight how to fight him, if they ever met him.

They voted and decided that the sword would stay in place for now.

Armed ready for a fight, they advanced into the control room after opening the door via the hidden panel.

The Kha'dran Leader was waiting for them with his bodyguards, he said that he admired them for what they had achieved but sadly they must die if his crew were to take over this region and attacked.

The fight was tough and Grok was hurt badly as well as their Lion, they healed up best they could and looted the bodies before storming the guard position, the guards were caught completely by surprise all were killed in short order using their own weapons against them.

Not all the guards were accounted for but the way to the simulation room was clear for now….

What is Custard?
Log 18

The group started to explore the eating area and found after some experimentation, some weird tasteless food. The group then proceeded on and discovered a Silver door which did not seem able to be opened despite the efforts of the group.

Backtracking to the command room they replay the plan of attack the Apes were doing and discovered a transmission prior to the the ship crash, it showed a very strange 'Orc' talk about not like the look of them and would be attacked by cucumbers in short order followed by laughing and the message ending.

Moving along the corridor they came to another hatch and opened it only to find 2 'yetis' strapped to upright tables with a Iron Spider next to them which turned around and flamed them!

After the short but intense fight, the group decided to shut the door and rest in the room, The Yetis were unconscious and harmless so posed no threat.

During the night, large amounts of bodies were heard moving past the door but none entered the room, that 'morning' as the reckon it, they were all woken up by loud laughing which seemed to come from the air itself! But nothing more came.

The next room the visited had nothing in it other than 24 large pods made of metal, all empty, the group concluded that all that movement the previous night came from this room.

With this in mind they walked down the corridor to the next room.

It was a large chamber with a yellow globe in the center, the group ventured in only to find they were attacked by poles that spat light and Red apes which had similar weapons.

After the fight was done the Yellow globe spoke to them and revealed this was a crashed ship from another dimension and had been buried here for over twenty thousand years! The Red apes had tried to repair the ship but found despite what they had done, they remembered they could not go back as the Snazzy Mek-Boss of Custard would stop them!

The group were not sure if this thing was malfunctioning or not but decided to ask it further about what there was on and around the ship and who was the Snazzy Mek-Boss of Custard?

May the Grok be with you....
Log 17

(Been a bit busy and forgotten most of this week here it is in brief)

More of the ship was explored, they encountered 2 weird bests that attacked them, one of them a living nightmare (The Thing) and came across a red ape scientist which attacked them, after the combat, Grok found a Light saber and a few other otherworldly items of interest.

Well it just got weird....
Log 16

The Frost giant was a bit of a challenge but was overcome in the end although Markus was in some pain from the blow which Taklinn made better.

The night passed with incident apart from a ball of light moving across the campsite which was ignored.

The group headed back to the Horned King's crown to find some Yeti's clutching their heads in pain around a dais with glowing buttons, Markus pressed a few of them but only succeeded making one of them light up.

After a while some of the group went to check one of the eyes glowing reddish orange, sensing a trap Markus had a pot shot at some of the snow piles dotted around the eye, sure enough evil snowmen popped up and launched their failed ambush, although they hit the group hard, Ragnar accidently killed one and Markus finished off the last of them with his wand which had been acting up again.

Putting out the fire and finding no more snowmen, the group wandered over the the other eye which glowed an eerie green, they found a hatch with a ladder bolted in a big hole made of metal, they descended into a metal room with a closed hatch, there was a panel of buttons next to the hatch, pulling out some notes they found earlier, Markus consulted them and punched in a 3 button code, the hatch and ladder slammed shut and the room began to filled with gas.

After about a minute of panic which involved people choking and Makus's Wand being used up on the closed hatch, Kielder remembered a vision he was shown had the correct button combination and punched it in, they examined the notes again only to find the button combination was correct, they just over thought it.

The gas dissipated and both hatches opened, consulting the crude map they had, they went left at the T-junction and found the cells which had a Barbarian that didn't talk much and Borys which loved to talk a lot, the group start to regret taking this job after he start asking all sorts of questions and asking what buttons did what and they should explore the ship, Grok told him to behave and not wander off.

Retracing there steps, the group took a right and ran into a large ape like creature which tried to shoot them with a crossbow that shot light which died as soon as Ragnar pointed and said 'Evil!'

Going though the hatch revealed the map was very crude as they found long corrdors and more doors than the map had. Checking the map showed death was the next right, so they went left, first door revealed a white room with some blood in it, they shut the hatch and opened the next one.

They found a small white dragon with a muzzle on it in a cage and took pityon it and opened the cage, only to find it was bigger on the inside the dragon was evil and it started shooting beams of light at them.

5 minutes later one dead white dragon was salvaged from a self destruct sequence and Markus checked the next room and found a sword in a floating glass chamber which he smashed quickly and took the sword. He joined the rest and they planned their next move….

The Horned King
Log 15

Wilbury & Kielder  decided after a few hours to look for the group after coming to the conclusion no-one was sneaking up behind them, while they waited they heard growling, a huge explosion and some loud sobbing. So they went up the canyon and found half an orc, a blackened crater and a pair of dead Yetis (it was revealed later Grok was doing the crying), they also found the hut around the tree and were shown visions from the Orc within. After about an hour, they caught up with the rest of the group.

The Talons or specifically the Horned King Face were impressive this close up, coming closer revealed one eye burned an orange red while the other glowed an eerie green. Ignoring this for now the group looked to seek shelter in the ruins nearby which were identified as Frost Giant design.

On the way they discovered a group of Orcs which seemed to do some strange magic, not that it did them much good as Lyari killed them all with a single Fireball.

Continuing on and finding strange floating balls of light which did not seem to do anything, the group came upon the ruins and started hunting around seeing what there was and securing it for the night.

While Markus was 'acquiring' some treasure he disturbing a Large metal spider which tried to Gas them, while Lyari passed out (with his Owl) everyone else pummeled it with all the might they muster, even Markus leapt in with his wand that Ignited the gas, the spider glowed red and then disappeared with a sharp clap sound. Where to, who knows?

Markus then started poking around the around the spider was and soon wished he did not as he found a Frost Giant skeleton, he tried to dodge the blow aimed for him but was caught dead on, only by a miracle he did not succumb to the darkness before Taklinn could restore his wound.

The size of taking out the giant left the group wondering had they bitten more they could chew?

Yetis & Visions
Log 14

Kielder & Wilbury volunteered to guard the bridge while the group advanced further down the canyon, where upon they found a bear.

The Polar bear was eating an orc but Taklinn started having a chat with the bear and after some negotiation the bear moved back in it cave with less loot in it and a bunch of notes were found on the orc.

The group carried on walking a fair distance they rounded a bend and saw a large metal object wedged into the canyon. They could not go round or under it and was hot to the touch, it had strange symbols on it and looked as if some god had thrown it from the sky. Markus started using some pitons and rope to go over the thing with mixed success until one of the pitons came free. Taklinn meanwhile had cast Endure Elements and climbed the object when he and everyone else heard a beep. Taklinn looked around and then he saw how shiny the object was and started to carve out a slice of the metal. The beeps continued getting more frequent and high pitched until the object exploded, fortunately everyone survived or so it appeared as Marcus had disappeared, the first reaction everyone did was checked their wallets (which were all there) and then Grok started crying very loudly and swore to avenge him.

Meanwhile Marcus had scouted along the path and encountered some Yeti like creatures and they were not happy to see him, the group rushed forwards and ended the creatures before could eat Marcus, Grok was happy and almost crushed Marcus when he hugged him.

The group proceeded futher down and found a big tree with a hut wrapped around it, ringing the bell revealed an old Orc who beckon them in with a chance to see there future, although she looked harmless, Ragnar & Grok did not like the look of the Orc and elected not to join in and waited outside.

After about an hour the group re-united after a few tense words and continued to the end of the canyon to see a vast plateau with the face of a god covering and portion of it, their attention was caught by a strange vehicle of some sort and went to investigate, it was a flying machine of some sort, evidently the merchants son had made it up here, but the damage the machine had taken led the group to wonder what had caused it….

Welcome to the North
Log 13

Stepping through the portal they ended up in a town with a big problem, the local beasts which normally peaceful had turned violent for no apparent reason and one of the noblemens' son has disappeared on a flying machine in the direction of said beasts.

The group sought out gear and provisions including a new winter coat for the Lion Rak'karr which was not liking the change in scenery and temperature.

After touring the town, making some enquires and paying homage to some shrines, the group were guided to a canyon that would lead them to a place known as the Talons, this was the pace where the beats resided and the son possibly was.

However they were ambushed by Orcs! Despite surprising the group the Orcs did little damage and while Wilbury shot a surprised Snow Hawk accidently out of the sky, the group decimated the Orcs. Checking around the area, they found a cave which led to more Orcs which were vaporized by Marcus's Burning Hands wand and the rest were mopped up.

Continuing down the canyon, they came to a rope bridge which did not look good swaying around in the breeze. Seeing the danger the group took precautions and were rewarded with access across the ravine with no injuries, although they did lose the bridge in the process and Grok did get blown off the bridge, only his Monk training saved him from harm.

With everyone across, the group continued down the canyon…

A Proper Fireball!
Log 12

The group took a few days off buying some gear and selling some loot while Grok recovered back to his good ole self.

The group then returned picking up wolf heads on the way from the Orge patrol which were just smashing their way round the forest.

They arrived at the cave and went down the other corridor that Marcus had gone down, Marcus jumped onto the sarcophagus  in the room and jumped aside as it exploded reveal a Wight. Although the Wight was a bit of a danger it was dealt with a lot quicker then the Mummy and they ascended up the stairs to where the big treasure was, Ragnar alerted the group danger was up ahead and it was more powerful than the Outer gods pawn was.

Steeling themselves they opened the sarcophagus only to find a keyhole which from the key parts from the Wight & Mummy they opened. Part of wall slid away and stairs leading to darkness awaited them.

Descending the stairs they found the source of the evil…..a Lich!

Wilbury & Kielder legged it with Lyari's Owl out in front, everyone else rushed in. Grok tried to grappel it (brave or foolish who knows was it was) but felt his life being sucked from him at his touch, even the Lion could not hit the Lich. And then they saw the Lich take one step back, pointed a digit at the middle of the group and cast a Fireball when the flames receded, the group saw that Grok and Lyari were down and Taklinn did not look to happy at the state of his beard.

Everyone rushed in and vanquished the Lich with a series of lucky blows.

The group healed up what they could and uncovered quite a few useful items and loot.

Returning to town they discovered the wolfs had been destroyed , the townsfolk were happy and agreed to build a shrine to pray to St Cuthbert (much to the grumbling of Taklinn who worshiped Obad-Hai). Feasts were put on and much drink was consumed, which cheered Taklinn up.

A day after the local Magister asked them if they would go on a job up north, he would transport them there from his study and it was many months travel. The group agreed after tying up some loose ends.

Ragnar asked the Lion if he wanted to stay with them convincing him that the rewards could be better for him, the Lion agreed. (Rakastrass is his name).

With that the group used the portal the Magister conjured up for them.

(End of Howl of the Wolf).

A Brush with Death
Log 11

Wilbury & Kielder rushed into cave just as Lyari finished off the undead thing trying to kill Taklinn. While Taklinn recovered and mourned over his Holy ale being used up Marcus scouted the rest of the room and made sure the remaining corpses in the room were of no further threat.

The grouped moved on finding a room partway up the stream in the cave and vaporized a bed with a Ghast hiding behind it, the group plundered the room and made their way to the final cave.

Ragnar's evil sense started tingling as they approached the cave, so the group decided to rest up a little distance away from the cave, nothing disturbed their rest apart from sounds of battle a ways away from them.

The next day they proceeded into the cave with their Lion ally, they found a suit a magical chainmail in a pool that took them a while to fish out and a Dire Rats nest which Wilbury had a chat with. The rats revealed that there was two areas which they had been to, one tasted bad and the other smelt bad.

Marcus had snuck off down a corridor in the cave and found a sarcophagus, thinking this was beyond him, he double back.

Lyari had found some interesting stonework although the wall was interesting, his Owl familiar pointed out a hatch at his feet which he had somehow missed. The hatch was rusted and was eventually opened, setting off a trap that Marcus had failed to find.

Descending the ladder attached to the wall the group descended into a dusty corridor, Ragnar could sense evil up ahead but could not pinpoint where it was but upon advancing cautiously they saw in the middle of a room up ahead a sarcophagus.

Marcus was not happy it being there but flicked a stone at it and waited, but nothing happened, Marcus waving for the rest of the group to follow advanced into the room only to dodge to one side as a Mummy lunged at him from the shadows next to the doorway.

Everyone paled at this development, they knew how dangerous Mummies were except Grok which thought they were just an old monster wearing wallpaper and charged in. The fight was intense and while blows were exchanged it was the Mummy striking Grok causing him to stumble that really got the attention of everyone. The Mummy was slain soon after but the damage was done, Taklinn & Ragnar examined the wound and told everyone the worst had happened, Grok had Mummy Rot.

They had potions that could cure him from a normal disease but not like this kind, the group decided (after robbing the sarcophagus) to get back to the town and seek a break curse spell, Grok did not look good by the time they reached the town his frame was wasted and his mood suicidal.

Fortunately the required items were found and they cured Grok just in time, the grouped decided to stay for a few days selling what they had acquired and claiming the bounties they had while Grok recovered. They wanted to go back to the cave, but prepared this time.

Grok meets the Maw
Log 10

After their spending spree (or lack of one) they returned to comfort the wife of the dead elf and returned the belongings to her. Grok then went round to all those affected by the attacks to comfort them and to tell them their Kin will be avenged!

The group hung around town for a day while Lyari enticed an Owl in to be his familiar in the meantime, various bounties were told to the group and a treasure map was sold to them about some interesting caves.

The next day the group ventured into the woods plus an Owl. They hid while a party of Orges walked though the woods past them and eventually arrived at the first cave marked on the treasure map.

Everyone entered cautiously but no danger was apparent although the cave did stink, Taklinn entered the cave and immediately recognized the smell, it was Lion Urine, they were in a Lion's Den and they whirl around to find the Lion had pounced on Grok and was carving some very deep wounds into him. Taklinn jumped into the Lions face and started speaking to it!

After a bit of negotiation Taklinn convinced the Lion that Grok was an aquired taste and they they had better food to share and it would be in Lion's interest to help them. To the amazement of all (including Taklinn himself) the Lion agreed and followed them.

The group then proceeded to the next cave after fighting some Undead wolves with their new ally. The group were ambushed in the cave by ghouls and the group almost came to their end when the only people standing were Marcus & Ragnar which prevailed.

Taklinn also has a close call when a body on a slab grabbed and slowly leeched the life out of him while everyone pounded the thing.

The teasure caves were more really filled with danger than treasure but still they had a few things of value, they just needed to find some more….


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