Dragon King Legacy

Who has been sitting in my chair.....

Log 67

With this revealed she told them that Sunscratch was being held in the pool of dreams and there was a way of releasing the dragon from the torment of the red dragon it would be risky but they could release the Silver Dragon from his torment.

She then mentioned a way to open the sealed vault using the Dragon Ether which she collected and gave Lyari the required amount to gain access. She also revealed there was an armoury nearby that might aid them against the dragon if they were forced to defend themselves, with that she left them and walked up the stairs.

The group moved on and came to the door of the armoury finding a smelly odor with chains wrapped around the door handles.

The chains did not look locked so Beorn grabbed them and suddenly did not feel so well, he looked at the chains and saw a black substance coated them, he licked it off finding out it was poison!

He turned and shouted, 'Quick the potion of True ressur-' and fell down dead, Lyari fished around in the bag of holding and drew out a potion and gave this to Taklinn who poured it down Beorn's throat, '-ection!' cried Beorn as he came alive again.

With the drama over, the chains were dismantled and everyone peered in, there was a pile of bodies inside which prompted Everyone to use their abilities finding a pair of large zombies that were very quick!

The fight again was short lived but it was worry some when Taklinn saw these were cursed zombies but thankfully no-one had been cursed when they were hit by them.

Many powerful weapons were found and the group equipped themselves well, they rested up knowing the next battle would test their limits, Beorn gained a new Bear friend known by Igoy.

After resting they approached the last door which was making some banging noises.

Opening the door revealed a large chamber as described by the Lizardfolk, however baning on the metal vault were two Troglodytes which ignored them, Lyari slowed one and Ragnar shot the other, the Trogs were turning just as the three bears plus Kalam rushed in…..



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