Dragon King Legacy

We're putting the Band back together....

Log 64

Beorn tried dispelling the darkness but to no avail, with the Guidance of Ragnar, Beorn let loose a Flame Strike but heard no screams of pain.

Khaine snuck in and found something tried to grab him but he evaded it and withdrew. Finally the party said, what the hell, and charged in, the fight was swift although they did get some lucky shots in a defeated a spectre!

They found a shield which was the item they were looking for and then decided to rest up with the blind Lizardfolk.

The next morning Lyari had a word with the lizardfolk which led to him giving Lyari one of the items they were looking for.

They knew where the fourth one was and that it was protected with something very nasty, so they decided to seek out the Trumpets.

During the night Grylls and Beorn had gone out and came back with Grylls looking very bright eyed and well behaved, although Lyari might not have agreed since he did get licked by Grylls.

With that, they dug up some graves away from the Paladins gaze and found a trumpet, they had to find one more, with that Lyari cast Locate Object and quickly found it was below the Gearwalk!

They proceeded downwards where they found shadows and a Shambling Mound!,

The fight was intense but they conquered their foes and found a few big chests, filled with loot and set to work cataloging what they had liberated….



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