Dragon King Legacy

The Kha'dran Leader

Log 19

The group asked the globe more questions before coming up with a plan of attack, they decided to raid the various storage rooms of equipment the Kha'dran had on their ship before attacking the control room and the guard point. The Globe told them how to use these items and how long they would last.

With that they all decided to take a vote, the last sword powering the ship was in the control room and there was no way to tell how long (if it would) to take if they powered down and then powered it back up, they wanted to charge the black disks they had and fight the simulation of the Snazzy Mek-Boss of Custard to gain some insight how to fight him, if they ever met him.

They voted and decided that the sword would stay in place for now.

Armed ready for a fight, they advanced into the control room after opening the door via the hidden panel.

The Kha'dran Leader was waiting for them with his bodyguards, he said that he admired them for what they had achieved but sadly they must die if his crew were to take over this region and attacked.

The fight was tough and Grok was hurt badly as well as their Lion, they healed up best they could and looted the bodies before storming the guard position, the guards were caught completely by surprise all were killed in short order using their own weapons against them.

Not all the guards were accounted for but the way to the simulation room was clear for now….



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