Dragon King Legacy

Pathway to Obilvion

Log 66

Lyari & Taklinn quickly used water, shaking and a cunning use of whipping Khaine arse managed to rouse the group out of their daze, Khaine was not happy until he saw what was at the end of the path……a Sphere of Annihilation.

With that the group backtracked to the stairs where the statues attacked them, after the fight Lyari opted for the left path and found a huge glass cylinder with quite a few cracks in it, indicating something tried to smash it.

Within the cylinder Lyari could determine Dragon Ether, however the group could feel eyes upon them and decided to check the other corridor.

They found two doors with a Bat hanging outside one of them, they tried chatting to that Bat, but it was not interested and ignored them. Entering into the room a mage hit Lyari full in the face with a salvo of Magic Missiles, not to be out done, Lyari retaliated with Coldscream and watched him colaspe, dead.

Khaine found a secret room which revealed a small library with an massive book about various dragons that used to reside in the valley.

Khaine then found a secret room within the secret room which revealed a Lizardfolk which wanted to hurt them until they managed to calm her down.

She told them the Red dragon Sunscratch had possessed the Silver dragon and was poised to set out plans to take over the valley and to control Dragonkind….



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