Dragon King Legacy

King of the North

Log 65

The group looted the chests and made their way back to the throne room.

The Dragon King instructed them in their use upon the door then bade them good luck in their quest, then attacked them!

The King was tough but the group pulled no punches themselves and thus was there fore surprised when he transformed into a Dragon-Giant hybrid!

The group hit him with everything they had, Lyari saw most of his spell bounce off the King and most melee hits were absorbed.

The final blows were landed by an Enlarged Grylls, Kalam's expert swordsmanship and Ragnar's Dragon slaying arrows.

Everyone patched up their wounds and Khaine found each throne was trapped and contained loot!

After disarming the traps in a variety of ways (one of which made him dangle from the throne)

They opened the big door by using the Trumpets and moved in and down some very big stairs.

Khaine found the sides were trapped, so they traveled down the middle, only to find themselves targeted by eyes in a statue draining them of their abilities. Quick as a flash Kalam drew his bow and with pin-point precision he shot them out.

But upon reaching the foot of the stairs Kalam & Khaine found themselves relaxed and compelled to enter the tunnel before them, other were ensnared also into a corridor filled with pretty stars and bright lights, those who did not succumb tried to stop them but no avail, distantly Beorn could make out something from his Detect Magic and it did not feel good….



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