Dragon King Legacy

Dreams become Nightmare

Log 68

The Trogs were quickly finished off and everyone made their way into their positions around the pool covering. Lyari added the ether to all the braziers before shooting off to his position.

The cover opened…….and a MASSIVE roar shook them into confusion, Lyari & Beorn shaking off the effect while everyone else either stood where they were babbling, ran away or attacked the nearest thing friend or foe!

The dragon sprang out and lashed out at everything that looked threatening, every attack made against it either missed it or bounced off it's scales, even spells seemed to have no effect as they spluttered out before they connected.

Beorn also noticed that the pool was frozen, they needed to get the skull and quickly so he called upon nature and flames came from above and melted the ice by a bit.

Lyari seemed to be the target of the dragon for the most part he took damage and his fly spell was dispelled, fortunately his feather fall was still intact and was able to finish melting the ice with a well aimed and very powerful fireball.

Meanwhile, Taklinn and Igoy were busy tearing chunks off each other in the mistaken belief that both were the dragon they were trying to fight. Kalam also seemed hell bent on killing Ragnar as blow after blow hit weaknesses in his defence until he fell down dead. At which point Khaine, having regain some of his senses flew over and poured one of the group's true resurrection vials bring him back to the world of the living. Khaine was firing a constant stream off arrows from his Repeating crossbow at the dragon with a spectacular miss rate.

Lyari, Taklinn and Igoy then got flattened by the dragon and squished them before running off to engage the Monk and Paladin.

By this time Beorn & his bears had dived into the pool, Lyari & Taklinn followed suit since they did not want to end up being squished again and found the skull.

The bears linked up, grabbed hold of the skull and heaved, but the skull did not budge.

The Dragon was trying to hit the blurred Kalam and Ragnar which had regained control of their senses and every attack was either deflected or missed completely, Ragnar legged it to recover while Khaine, flying in mid-air called in some Shadows to try and slow it down, the Dragon shook them of and flew right at Khaine.


Would the group accomplish their mission? Or would they be Dragon food? The fight continued….



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