Dragon King Legacy

Ascension of the Baneheart

Log 54

The group met with the Silver dragon which turned out to be one of the architects of the Banewarrens and revealed he could repair and help seal the Banewarrens back up, but to do so they needed the Staff of Shards to destroy the Key they had and the sealing rod to re-activate the generators and the doors that were keyed to them. Beorn learnt Gryls was infected with a Bane disease from one of the rooms they had opened, the dragon told that there might be a way of saving him but it would take time to see if it was possible.

Since the dragon kept the room safe, the group rested up and proceeded further up the Baneheart shaft coming to the scene of battle which Khaine and Lyari had found before but not explored fully, they found a room which sucked Khaine's shadow from him when he made it enter the room before him, he was a little disturbed by this and decided not to enter the room, they also found some rags which were a primary source of evil.

Quick as a flash Lyari pointed the rod of wonder at it and shot a small fireball at it, from it, twelve Wraiths emerged and the group looked a tad fearful especially when Ragnar was leeched of his life force and looked advanced in his age.

Lyari saved them all with a bigger Fireball followed up with a Seek the Souless which ended the fight very quickly.

Ragnars wounds were advanced in nature and could not be restored easily, however the group chose to go on, esially since where the rags were they found the sealing rod.

Venturing forth they found an ornate room with 6 silvers helms on a table with a magical painting depicting a huge construct of a type they had never seen before, from this they learnt the helms controlled the construct and for them to retrieve the last part of the staff they needed, they would have tread the path of the Dread One by proxy using the construct to hand.

And so they started debating who should wear the helms of the construct; The Doomwalker…



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