Dragon King Legacy

What is Custard?

Log 18

The group started to explore the eating area and found after some experimentation, some weird tasteless food. The group then proceeded on and discovered a Silver door which did not seem able to be opened despite the efforts of the group.

Backtracking to the command room they replay the plan of attack the Apes were doing and discovered a transmission prior to the the ship crash, it showed a very strange 'Orc' talk about not like the look of them and would be attacked by cucumbers in short order followed by laughing and the message ending.

Moving along the corridor they came to another hatch and opened it only to find 2 'yetis' strapped to upright tables with a Iron Spider next to them which turned around and flamed them!

After the short but intense fight, the group decided to shut the door and rest in the room, The Yetis were unconscious and harmless so posed no threat.

During the night, large amounts of bodies were heard moving past the door but none entered the room, that 'morning' as the reckon it, they were all woken up by loud laughing which seemed to come from the air itself! But nothing more came.

The next room the visited had nothing in it other than 24 large pods made of metal, all empty, the group concluded that all that movement the previous night came from this room.

With this in mind they walked down the corridor to the next room.

It was a large chamber with a yellow globe in the center, the group ventured in only to find they were attacked by poles that spat light and Red apes which had similar weapons.

After the fight was done the Yellow globe spoke to them and revealed this was a crashed ship from another dimension and had been buried here for over twenty thousand years! The Red apes had tried to repair the ship but found despite what they had done, they remembered they could not go back as the Snazzy Mek-Boss of Custard would stop them!

The group were not sure if this thing was malfunctioning or not but decided to ask it further about what there was on and around the ship and who was the Snazzy Mek-Boss of Custard?



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