Dragon King Legacy

Unholy Rites

Log 41

The man smiled as he dished out unholy blasphemy calling the gods the party worshiped all sorts of weird and distasteful names while the wights rushed in the engage the party.

At first the party managed to vanquish the wights only for the man to shout 'MORE!' and more wights appeared. After about a minute of hard fighting, they finally dispatched the wights and the unholy man turned into mist and flew south into a corridor, seeping in and out of the cracks on the side of the wide corridor. Lyari examined the corridor only to annouce to the group there were three traps present, the first did electrical damage, the second stun and the third was a teleporter, where to he did not want to find out.

Beorn used a summoned bear to get past the traps, then Lyari used a spell to swap the places of the bear and Ragnar, which lay siege to the room, diminishing the unholy mans presence, but not ridding it entirely as he had no idea how to.

Returning to the chapel (finding out the teleporter led to the electrical trap directly) the room checked the door the wights came from and found a huge pile of skulls and a series of doors.

The doors were tried but none could be opened, Ragnar shoulder changed one door only for the door behind them slam shut, Beorn reasoned that only one door could be open in this room.

After some empty rooms, they came to a room which was the entrance to the converted prison area, where banes had been set loose and good beings had been tortured, held and worse.

The group also fancied they could hear something down the corridor in the prison………



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