Dragon King Legacy

Twists and Turns

Log 44

The group decided to check the various places the Xorn had told them about, finding and restoring a Deva, a book telling a story for Danar's time and a room full of bones with a dead werewolf in the middle of it.

With that they then went and took the other door from the chapel, finding an area full of pretty lights that amazed everyone until Taklinn dispelled the effect. Backtracking they went up some stair and entered a room with 8 statues of various people and monsters, they quickly deduced this was a puzzle as the doors on the other side of the room could not be reached.

After about 20 minutes the group figured out the story was linked to the statues and were able to figure out the answer which allowed them to continue. The next room held some spectres which fled as soon as Taklinn raised his symbol.

Khaine searched the room finding and opening the secret door, what lay beyond?



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