Dragon King Legacy

Traps? What Traps?

Log 38

The group continued up the stairs and found another trap mostly by Dench walking into it and came to a series of rooms which were checked out at length, one had a Vault door and another was full of snoring Gorillions which was entertaining to watch Taklinn sneak past them while Dench tried to pick their pockets (or lack of them).

Anyhow the group eventually opened the vault door since it was not in Geri's information and Dench gave the all clear and promptly got zapped as as he touched the floor. The group started giving Beorn the evil for hiring a Rogue that could not find these traps before he stepped on them, at some point Dench would step on something that he would not walk away so easily from.

However in highlighting said trap Kalam noticed the ceiling was just a wall of darkness and with a boost and a rummage around the ceiling he triggered a secret door to open.

Wandering in they found an airlock, the group made ready for what was on the otherside, fortunately the other side was a water tank that had been drained, Lyari opened the door on the otherside and made to use that airlock to see what else there was….



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