Dragon King Legacy

The Terror that was Beorn....

Log 36

Lyari started firing off various spells at the Yuan-ti and Hydra only for some to bounce off he then noticed at the corner of his eye a tree nearby to the rest of the group moved and turned into a Kielder with Mungo! They charged in firing what weapons they possessed, doing slight amounts of damage to the Harpy.

At this point the Harpy entered the dome and fired upon the group dealing some heavy injuries mostly to Grills all was going to plan until the group reacted and launched attacks against it before it could rise again, they did some good damage and then Beorn came around to take a bite out of it, Beorn found he was going too fast and tried to slow down, unfortunately he forgot how to slow down and in his panic, he turned his Wild Shape off.

The result was a hairy ballistic gnome hitting the Harpy at speed, the Harpy was completely bewildered which rendered it a sitting duck for Mungo and Kielder, finishing off what Beorn had achieved.

Beorn turned back into a Bat just as the rest of the monsters hit them. Arrows, spells and flash of blades was all anyone saw as it just was chaos, Boern summoned in a mass of bears and the group took down the Hydra in short order.

The Yuan-ti wasn't going down without taking some of them with her and Mungo with Wolfdan fell to her blades, Dench got a cut in a sensitive spot only to watch the snake woman cast Flaming Corrosion and several summoned bears turn into goo which made him back off.

However the group won out due to sheer weight in numbers and the battle was won, hard fought but they were the victors.

With that and saying some words for those departed, they headed back to the manor to rest and ransack what remained.

The following day they returned through the portal and proceeded to head to the market to sell their loot and consider their next course of action, they had a Beholder to kill, the Church was up to something and the Inverted Pyramid has presumably the answers by now from Geri.

What would they do next?



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