Dragon King Legacy

The Dread One's Path

Log 55

The group chose the helmets that suited themselves and used the Doomwalker to great effect. They took on Wyverns and a Red Dragon without much damage to themselves, even the evil angel which did a fair amount of damage did not slow they down for long before they ended it existence by turning it to mush through repeated bashing.

With their victory they found the remaining piece of the staff and took it to the dragon which destroyed it along with the key they had and said it would take a few days but the Banewarrens would be sealed.

Then he turned his attention to Grylls and Beorn, Grylls was a threat to the outside world and gave Beorn a choice of saving Grylls at a price or Beorn must mercy kill Grylls, Beorn wrestled with himself over the choice but decided Grylls was very important to him and paid the price, part of his life force was transferred to Grylls, while his Constitution was reduced he became more closely linked with his animal companion and the friendship they shared more evident.

Lyari teleported everyone out and took the news to the Church about their delvers which could not be raised, they did restore Ragnar's frame and offered services at a knockdown price but in the Church's eyes they had not succeeded.

On the other hand, the Inverted Pyramid were overjoyed that not only the Warrens would be sealed but a Magic item that the church was after, would remain sealed within, they were happy to give the party what was due to them and went as far as offering to cover part of the cost for an item if they wanted something better, the group looked on and considered what to get…



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