Dragon King Legacy

Onto the Baneheart

Log 46

Everyone was left shivering from the attacks of the winter elemental, but the tide turned and were able to defrost the thing into a pile of slush.

Retreating from the room they returned to the anti magic pit, while Beorn had a nose around the mechanism next to the dragon room, which he eventually figured out how to solve with a very red hurt nose, once he realised what it did he became a very fast bear and legged it after everyone else.

Meanwhile, Kalam had figured out a way of bypassing the pit using a series of ropes, upon figuring out where the anti magic field ended Lyari went back to find an out of breath Beorn with a guilty expression on his face, Lyari then used Dimension Door with the bears to where everyone else were.

They found more creatures, they laid an ambush for them and killed them all with ease.

Searching the area did not reveal much, but they continued up the long steep stairs they had found.

Reaching the top they found themselves in a massive chamber with many sealed doors all around, after a bit of poking around and testing a few things, they found the ceiling was very high up. How high, they did not know, Taklinn cast Searing Light to get a better idea and found something demonic with wings watching them from a bridge above them.

Khaine the Shadowsworn, shadowstepped to the bridge above and had a look around, feeling a little exposed he jumped off casting Feather Fall and was snatched by the Demon, Beorn became a bat and battle was joined.

Suddenly Taklinn was attacked by the thing that appeared at his side, Lyari got a good look at it, it was a Vrock!

The demon was mad but canny and attacked them with glee and hunger, would the party triumph or become lunch?



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