Dragon King Legacy

'Ice to see you!

Log 63

After looking around for a bit, Taklinn and Beorn disturbed some Frostsnap Lizards and things took a turn for the frosty side of things, while the initial damage was great the following fight was very much one sided.

After the lizards were vanquished the group decided to enter the far tunnel which was the biggest and grandest tunnel yet, the far end looked as if it was blocked by rubble but Lyari could see movement down one of the sides.

Khaine shadow stepped behind the area of movement and slowly started to creep on them when he turned and saw something that he reconi-

The group saw Khaine glance over his shoulder and he turned immediately to ice, they changed on in and the movement within the tunnel resolved themselves into Lizardfolk which fired back at them. Beorn could see movement coming towards them and had a lo-

Everyone saw Beorn turn to ice, things were getting desperate now, Lyari saw a creature behind the Lizardfolk and fought off the shivers as he stared into the eyes of a Basilisk, an Ice Basilisk.

Warning the group what to expect, the group shut their eyes, averted them or trusted in their abilities to keep them shielded from the effects.

The group finished off the Lizardfolk and Basilisk after a hard fight, Lyari knew they could not turn them back to their previous forms but reasoned the Pool might revert them instead, which it did.

The group then cleared away the rubble thanks to Khaine and his keen eyes, and stepped into a massive Throne room.

The room had 4 throne huge thrones and a massive door behind them with lots of bolts keyholes and locks making Khaine twitch a little, they then saw the Giant which talked to them and asked who they were with. The group said they were here to rescue a Silver Dragon and opposed a Red Dragon, to which the Giant replied that he would help them but they would have to bring him the gifts of the Dragon Kings or the Trumpets of the same.

With that, the group were told of what the items were and found they had a few in their possession, they just needed to find the others, and decided to head back to the graveyard.

After mulling over the secret door, Khaine they saw what was obvious that no-one spotted, the door was for Large creatures, thus the switch must be within that size reach and sure enough they found the switch which revealed some steps leading down into darkness, they readied themselves as Ragnar thought he could feel something ahead but was not sure what….



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