Dragon King Legacy

Fire and Fury

Log 56

The group chose their items and sold off what they had collected and relaxed for a few weeks before the Inverted Pyramid sent for them.

The guild had something for them, a Lich had sent an invitation seeing them as a group of outstanding reputation and challenged them to beat his labyrinth in return for riches undreamt of.

While they were considering what to make of this a plea was also heard from a Sage that his silver dragon friend had been kidnaped by a powerful Dragon King!

The group asked about both from the Guild and Sage before deciding they would rescue the silver dragon!

Boris has returned to the city by this point and the group sought his services to make for the area where the dragon kings were.

A few days later, Boris arrived at the location and dropped them off as near as he could get them, and the group found the air thin as they traveled up the mountain leading to their destination.

The cliff was vertical and would have been daunting even with the equipment provided by the sage but the group had invested previously in overcoming such obstacles.

The group eventually made out and opening in the mountain, the sage previous had said there was some guardian that watched over the entrance which used powerful anti-magic, but nothing prepared them for statues with floating heads, breathing fire and anti magic fields to boot!

Beorn jumped in before realising he was back in Gnome form again and the group were shocked when two of the statues bit big chunks out of them, the party grit their teeth and prepared for the fight to come….



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