Dragon King Legacy

Bear Appetiser to start with

Log 60

The group continued to level their attacks against the hot fire elemental while backing away and managed to overcome it.

The room was activated but the group poured oil into the groove and set alight to it before approaching the final room.

It had a green tinge to it and two dragon statues that tried to soak Khaine in acid when he approached, he managed to dodge out of the way, but Grylls was unable to do so and whimpered and howled when he was blinded by it.

The group found out quickly that they were constructs and made out of undead components to boot! Something Taklinn took immediate advantage of, dispatching them quickly with his anti undead skills.

Using acid from the constructs they activated the room and moved over to the metal slab.

Or where the metal slab used to be, a series of metal cogs were moving in different directions, there were several keyholes next to the cogs which Khaine examined and determined the correct way to use the key they had gained off the Ettin earlier.

Using the keyholes stopped all the cogs but the last blocked their way, the reason was evident, it was frozen in place, a quick fireball quickly sorted the problem and the group stepped through into a large cavern with an opening a distance away.

Before they could make their way to it, they heard a large crack above them and looked up. A massive amonut of ice was cracking above them Taklinn immediately could tell something was trying to get out and quickly mentioned for Beorn to use Stone Shape  on the floor to make some spikes.

The idea was sound until they saw what came out, a Gargantuan Remorhaz which quickly tried to eat Beorn, while it was quick, the party was quicker and managed to take down the monster leaving just the bite marks on Beorn.

The group salvaged would they could from the Remorhaz before turning towards the light and made their way towards it…



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