Dragon King Legacy

And Dwarf for seconds

Log 61

After their eyes adjusted to the glare of sunlight they gazed upon a huge valley with a number points of interest scattered among the sides with a large pool in the middle.

After looking around, the group decided to check out the nearest one, a graveyard.

Hundreds of graves dotted the valley side ranging from small to large in size per grave, Beorn had a little sweep around and could detect some magic from a few of the graves, eyeing the nearby Paladin and knowing the stance he had about looting from the dead, Beorn got the idea that looting from the undead was fine, with this idea he took to dancing and singing for the ancient undead to come forth, it was quite a sight to behold and thus was a shame when no undead appeared.

Khaine, ignoring the antics of Beorn had figured out there was more to the dragon statue in the center, he found the trap and a possible secret door, it seem any part of the dragon touch would set off the trap (the wings would come crashing down to crush the unwary round the base of the statue). After a number of attempts, Khaine gave up and the group decided to go onto the next area, a cave with runes inscribed on the entrance.

The cave was a long tunnel with frescos lining the walls telling the story and history of the place they wre in, at the end of the tunnel they found a blind Lizardfolk which had a chat with them which revealed a silver dragon had returned to the valley and was in discussions with the King of the North.

Lyari, spotted a secret door on the way out and Khaine opened it, inside was a small bedroom with a Huge Bear inside, not looking best please someone unwanted had come in, Beorn had a chat and while there was something magical within, he thought best to leave it in peace, for now anyway.

The group then decided to check out the big pool in the middle of the valley.

The pool looked cold and not very deep, Khaine thought he could see some dragon scales on the bottom and a large metal object at the very center, he could not make out what it was, but it might be valuable.

Beorn in bear form went for a swim, it was very cold but refreshing. Since nothing untoward had happened, he dived down to grab the object, where upon he got grabbed by the bottom of the pool!!!

Lyari realised  the bottom was actually a Black Pudding, a Gargantuan Black Pudding!!

The group mobilised to fish Beorn out before he could drown. Using inner reserves of strength, Beorn summoned a Baleen Whale which managed to fight it off only to get grabbed itself!

Beorn surfaced and promptly turned into a Bat to put as much distance away from Ooze as possible, a fact that Taklinn that annoyed him as he was ready with a big healing spell.

Beorn now out of trouble dismissed the whale and the black pudding surfaced up where upon the group opened fire! Only to discover that although it had taken some damage, every time they hit the ooze it split again and again until one ooze had turned into ten smaller oozes.

The group was besieged on all sides with Taklinn being singled out by three of them! Only the prepared healing spell saved him from being eaten alive by black pudding!

In the end though the attacks mounted up on the ooze and managed to slay it just as it was making a hasty retreat, the group was alive, wounded and had a miserable Taklinn wailing that his beard was full of holes……



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