Dragon King Legacy

A Proper Fireball!

Log 12

The group took a few days off buying some gear and selling some loot while Grok recovered back to his good ole self.

The group then returned picking up wolf heads on the way from the Orge patrol which were just smashing their way round the forest.

They arrived at the cave and went down the other corridor that Marcus had gone down, Marcus jumped onto the sarcophagus  in the room and jumped aside as it exploded reveal a Wight. Although the Wight was a bit of a danger it was dealt with a lot quicker then the Mummy and they ascended up the stairs to where the big treasure was, Ragnar alerted the group danger was up ahead and it was more powerful than the Outer gods pawn was.

Steeling themselves they opened the sarcophagus only to find a keyhole which from the key parts from the Wight & Mummy they opened. Part of wall slid away and stairs leading to darkness awaited them.

Descending the stairs they found the source of the evil…..a Lich!

Wilbury & Kielder legged it with Lyari's Owl out in front, everyone else rushed in. Grok tried to grappel it (brave or foolish who knows was it was) but felt his life being sucked from him at his touch, even the Lion could not hit the Lich. And then they saw the Lich take one step back, pointed a digit at the middle of the group and cast a Fireball when the flames receded, the group saw that Grok and Lyari were down and Taklinn did not look to happy at the state of his beard.

Everyone rushed in and vanquished the Lich with a series of lucky blows.

The group healed up what they could and uncovered quite a few useful items and loot.

Returning to town they discovered the wolfs had been destroyed , the townsfolk were happy and agreed to build a shrine to pray to St Cuthbert (much to the grumbling of Taklinn who worshiped Obad-Hai). Feasts were put on and much drink was consumed, which cheered Taklinn up.

A day after the local Magister asked them if they would go on a job up north, he would transport them there from his study and it was many months travel. The group agreed after tying up some loose ends.

Ragnar asked the Lion if he wanted to stay with them convincing him that the rewards could be better for him, the Lion agreed. (Rakastrass is his name).

With that the group used the portal the Magister conjured up for them.

(End of Howl of the Wolf).



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