Dragon King Legacy

A Breeze in the Dungeon

Log 39

The group found beyond the airlock a chain and a secret door, expecting one to open the other, Kalam pulled it down they head a series of clanks and a slow grinding in the distance and the secret door did not open.

The group then access the secret door which led to a small tunnel, Beorn & Grills in bear form played in the water tank, eating the remaining fish while the rest investigated.

They came to the other end and found a small room with a door, Dench being the pointman did not find any traps but upon opening the door he did find four Gorillons looking as shocked as he was!

The fight was brief and the group won with minor injuries, and the proceeded to look around to see what the chain had done.

They found a secret door had opened up to an area they had not seen before with doors and a screen depicting a cloudy scene, upon stepping into the room, a huge air elemental appear and starting tossing the group around and dealing serious damage to them, the group damaged it back with what they had, at one point Kalam threw his sword at it, such was his frustration that his damage was having little impact upon it. Would the group be able to defeat the elemental?



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