Dragon King Legacy

Log 69

The blurring effect on Khaine saved him from being Dragon food, meanwhile the bears had managed to bring the skull to the surface where upon the Dragon painted a symbol in the air that made everyone go crazy again. One of the bears attacked the skull and made the Dragon jerk.

Lyari noticed this a relayed it to the others when they were sane of mind.

Ragnar & Kalam kept in distract long enough to smash the skull and fish the bits of it out of the pool.

After a long fight the Dragon came to his senses and helped the group regain their sanity.

Sunscratch was no more, the group returned to Ptolus where they were handsomely paid and opted to remain in the city.

What adventures would they come to have? That is a story for another time….

Dreams become Nightmare
Log 68

The Trogs were quickly finished off and everyone made their way into their positions around the pool covering. Lyari added the ether to all the braziers before shooting off to his position.

The cover opened…….and a MASSIVE roar shook them into confusion, Lyari & Beorn shaking off the effect while everyone else either stood where they were babbling, ran away or attacked the nearest thing friend or foe!

The dragon sprang out and lashed out at everything that looked threatening, every attack made against it either missed it or bounced off it's scales, even spells seemed to have no effect as they spluttered out before they connected.

Beorn also noticed that the pool was frozen, they needed to get the skull and quickly so he called upon nature and flames came from above and melted the ice by a bit.

Lyari seemed to be the target of the dragon for the most part he took damage and his fly spell was dispelled, fortunately his feather fall was still intact and was able to finish melting the ice with a well aimed and very powerful fireball.

Meanwhile, Taklinn and Igoy were busy tearing chunks off each other in the mistaken belief that both were the dragon they were trying to fight. Kalam also seemed hell bent on killing Ragnar as blow after blow hit weaknesses in his defence until he fell down dead. At which point Khaine, having regain some of his senses flew over and poured one of the group's true resurrection vials bring him back to the world of the living. Khaine was firing a constant stream off arrows from his Repeating crossbow at the dragon with a spectacular miss rate.

Lyari, Taklinn and Igoy then got flattened by the dragon and squished them before running off to engage the Monk and Paladin.

By this time Beorn & his bears had dived into the pool, Lyari & Taklinn followed suit since they did not want to end up being squished again and found the skull.

The bears linked up, grabbed hold of the skull and heaved, but the skull did not budge.

The Dragon was trying to hit the blurred Kalam and Ragnar which had regained control of their senses and every attack was either deflected or missed completely, Ragnar legged it to recover while Khaine, flying in mid-air called in some Shadows to try and slow it down, the Dragon shook them of and flew right at Khaine.


Would the group accomplish their mission? Or would they be Dragon food? The fight continued….

Who has been sitting in my chair.....
Log 67

With this revealed she told them that Sunscratch was being held in the pool of dreams and there was a way of releasing the dragon from the torment of the red dragon it would be risky but they could release the Silver Dragon from his torment.

She then mentioned a way to open the sealed vault using the Dragon Ether which she collected and gave Lyari the required amount to gain access. She also revealed there was an armoury nearby that might aid them against the dragon if they were forced to defend themselves, with that she left them and walked up the stairs.

The group moved on and came to the door of the armoury finding a smelly odor with chains wrapped around the door handles.

The chains did not look locked so Beorn grabbed them and suddenly did not feel so well, he looked at the chains and saw a black substance coated them, he licked it off finding out it was poison!

He turned and shouted, 'Quick the potion of True ressur-' and fell down dead, Lyari fished around in the bag of holding and drew out a potion and gave this to Taklinn who poured it down Beorn's throat, '-ection!' cried Beorn as he came alive again.

With the drama over, the chains were dismantled and everyone peered in, there was a pile of bodies inside which prompted Everyone to use their abilities finding a pair of large zombies that were very quick!

The fight again was short lived but it was worry some when Taklinn saw these were cursed zombies but thankfully no-one had been cursed when they were hit by them.

Many powerful weapons were found and the group equipped themselves well, they rested up knowing the next battle would test their limits, Beorn gained a new Bear friend known by Igoy.

After resting they approached the last door which was making some banging noises.

Opening the door revealed a large chamber as described by the Lizardfolk, however baning on the metal vault were two Troglodytes which ignored them, Lyari slowed one and Ragnar shot the other, the Trogs were turning just as the three bears plus Kalam rushed in…..

Pathway to Obilvion
Log 66

Lyari & Taklinn quickly used water, shaking and a cunning use of whipping Khaine arse managed to rouse the group out of their daze, Khaine was not happy until he saw what was at the end of the path……a Sphere of Annihilation.

With that the group backtracked to the stairs where the statues attacked them, after the fight Lyari opted for the left path and found a huge glass cylinder with quite a few cracks in it, indicating something tried to smash it.

Within the cylinder Lyari could determine Dragon Ether, however the group could feel eyes upon them and decided to check the other corridor.

They found two doors with a Bat hanging outside one of them, they tried chatting to that Bat, but it was not interested and ignored them. Entering into the room a mage hit Lyari full in the face with a salvo of Magic Missiles, not to be out done, Lyari retaliated with Coldscream and watched him colaspe, dead.

Khaine found a secret room which revealed a small library with an massive book about various dragons that used to reside in the valley.

Khaine then found a secret room within the secret room which revealed a Lizardfolk which wanted to hurt them until they managed to calm her down.

She told them the Red dragon Sunscratch had possessed the Silver dragon and was poised to set out plans to take over the valley and to control Dragonkind….

King of the North
Log 65

The group looted the chests and made their way back to the throne room.

The Dragon King instructed them in their use upon the door then bade them good luck in their quest, then attacked them!

The King was tough but the group pulled no punches themselves and thus was there fore surprised when he transformed into a Dragon-Giant hybrid!

The group hit him with everything they had, Lyari saw most of his spell bounce off the King and most melee hits were absorbed.

The final blows were landed by an Enlarged Grylls, Kalam's expert swordsmanship and Ragnar's Dragon slaying arrows.

Everyone patched up their wounds and Khaine found each throne was trapped and contained loot!

After disarming the traps in a variety of ways (one of which made him dangle from the throne)

They opened the big door by using the Trumpets and moved in and down some very big stairs.

Khaine found the sides were trapped, so they traveled down the middle, only to find themselves targeted by eyes in a statue draining them of their abilities. Quick as a flash Kalam drew his bow and with pin-point precision he shot them out.

But upon reaching the foot of the stairs Kalam & Khaine found themselves relaxed and compelled to enter the tunnel before them, other were ensnared also into a corridor filled with pretty stars and bright lights, those who did not succumb tried to stop them but no avail, distantly Beorn could make out something from his Detect Magic and it did not feel good….

We're putting the Band back together....
Log 64

Beorn tried dispelling the darkness but to no avail, with the Guidance of Ragnar, Beorn let loose a Flame Strike but heard no screams of pain.

Khaine snuck in and found something tried to grab him but he evaded it and withdrew. Finally the party said, what the hell, and charged in, the fight was swift although they did get some lucky shots in a defeated a spectre!

They found a shield which was the item they were looking for and then decided to rest up with the blind Lizardfolk.

The next morning Lyari had a word with the lizardfolk which led to him giving Lyari one of the items they were looking for.

They knew where the fourth one was and that it was protected with something very nasty, so they decided to seek out the Trumpets.

During the night Grylls and Beorn had gone out and came back with Grylls looking very bright eyed and well behaved, although Lyari might not have agreed since he did get licked by Grylls.

With that, they dug up some graves away from the Paladins gaze and found a trumpet, they had to find one more, with that Lyari cast Locate Object and quickly found it was below the Gearwalk!

They proceeded downwards where they found shadows and a Shambling Mound!,

The fight was intense but they conquered their foes and found a few big chests, filled with loot and set to work cataloging what they had liberated….

'Ice to see you!
Log 63

After looking around for a bit, Taklinn and Beorn disturbed some Frostsnap Lizards and things took a turn for the frosty side of things, while the initial damage was great the following fight was very much one sided.

After the lizards were vanquished the group decided to enter the far tunnel which was the biggest and grandest tunnel yet, the far end looked as if it was blocked by rubble but Lyari could see movement down one of the sides.

Khaine shadow stepped behind the area of movement and slowly started to creep on them when he turned and saw something that he reconi-

The group saw Khaine glance over his shoulder and he turned immediately to ice, they changed on in and the movement within the tunnel resolved themselves into Lizardfolk which fired back at them. Beorn could see movement coming towards them and had a lo-

Everyone saw Beorn turn to ice, things were getting desperate now, Lyari saw a creature behind the Lizardfolk and fought off the shivers as he stared into the eyes of a Basilisk, an Ice Basilisk.

Warning the group what to expect, the group shut their eyes, averted them or trusted in their abilities to keep them shielded from the effects.

The group finished off the Lizardfolk and Basilisk after a hard fight, Lyari knew they could not turn them back to their previous forms but reasoned the Pool might revert them instead, which it did.

The group then cleared away the rubble thanks to Khaine and his keen eyes, and stepped into a massive Throne room.

The room had 4 throne huge thrones and a massive door behind them with lots of bolts keyholes and locks making Khaine twitch a little, they then saw the Giant which talked to them and asked who they were with. The group said they were here to rescue a Silver Dragon and opposed a Red Dragon, to which the Giant replied that he would help them but they would have to bring him the gifts of the Dragon Kings or the Trumpets of the same.

With that, the group were told of what the items were and found they had a few in their possession, they just needed to find the others, and decided to head back to the graveyard.

After mulling over the secret door, Khaine they saw what was obvious that no-one spotted, the door was for Large creatures, thus the switch must be within that size reach and sure enough they found the switch which revealed some steps leading down into darkness, they readied themselves as Ragnar thought he could feel something ahead but was not sure what….

Shadows of the Past
Log 62

The group decided on the second cave to explore next, the Lizardfolk had told them this was a Hatchery and thus should be pretty dead……it looked it.

Khaine using his show magic and handy pair of Spider Climb Boots scouted ahead and found a light source from a very large egg surrounded by wyrmling skeletons and lots of egg shells. Ragnar had a look around but could detect nothing, Beorn had a look around before listening the the egg.

At that moment, Ragnar alerted everyone that the skeletons had just come alive and their shadows came alive too! They started to flit around touching people and draining them of their strength, Lyari, Kalam & Taklinn waded in and finished the undead quickly although they found out as quick as they were Khaine got a lot of attention and was left dangling from the ceiling with no strength left.

Healing up as best as they could do, they took shelter and rested inside the cave before proceeded to the next point of interest, a large dragon skeleton!

Or as it turned out a Colossal dragon skeleton lacking a head, the area reek of magic, this was due to a Large spear while had impaled the dragon in the past, it was blinding to look at with detect magic active and seemed to be protected by some magical runes which looked dangerous, the group weighed up what to do next…

And Dwarf for seconds
Log 61

After their eyes adjusted to the glare of sunlight they gazed upon a huge valley with a number points of interest scattered among the sides with a large pool in the middle.

After looking around, the group decided to check out the nearest one, a graveyard.

Hundreds of graves dotted the valley side ranging from small to large in size per grave, Beorn had a little sweep around and could detect some magic from a few of the graves, eyeing the nearby Paladin and knowing the stance he had about looting from the dead, Beorn got the idea that looting from the undead was fine, with this idea he took to dancing and singing for the ancient undead to come forth, it was quite a sight to behold and thus was a shame when no undead appeared.

Khaine, ignoring the antics of Beorn had figured out there was more to the dragon statue in the center, he found the trap and a possible secret door, it seem any part of the dragon touch would set off the trap (the wings would come crashing down to crush the unwary round the base of the statue). After a number of attempts, Khaine gave up and the group decided to go onto the next area, a cave with runes inscribed on the entrance.

The cave was a long tunnel with frescos lining the walls telling the story and history of the place they wre in, at the end of the tunnel they found a blind Lizardfolk which had a chat with them which revealed a silver dragon had returned to the valley and was in discussions with the King of the North.

Lyari, spotted a secret door on the way out and Khaine opened it, inside was a small bedroom with a Huge Bear inside, not looking best please someone unwanted had come in, Beorn had a chat and while there was something magical within, he thought best to leave it in peace, for now anyway.

The group then decided to check out the big pool in the middle of the valley.

The pool looked cold and not very deep, Khaine thought he could see some dragon scales on the bottom and a large metal object at the very center, he could not make out what it was, but it might be valuable.

Beorn in bear form went for a swim, it was very cold but refreshing. Since nothing untoward had happened, he dived down to grab the object, where upon he got grabbed by the bottom of the pool!!!

Lyari realised  the bottom was actually a Black Pudding, a Gargantuan Black Pudding!!

The group mobilised to fish Beorn out before he could drown. Using inner reserves of strength, Beorn summoned a Baleen Whale which managed to fight it off only to get grabbed itself!

Beorn surfaced and promptly turned into a Bat to put as much distance away from Ooze as possible, a fact that Taklinn that annoyed him as he was ready with a big healing spell.

Beorn now out of trouble dismissed the whale and the black pudding surfaced up where upon the group opened fire! Only to discover that although it had taken some damage, every time they hit the ooze it split again and again until one ooze had turned into ten smaller oozes.

The group was besieged on all sides with Taklinn being singled out by three of them! Only the prepared healing spell saved him from being eaten alive by black pudding!

In the end though the attacks mounted up on the ooze and managed to slay it just as it was making a hasty retreat, the group was alive, wounded and had a miserable Taklinn wailing that his beard was full of holes……

Bear Appetiser to start with
Log 60

The group continued to level their attacks against the hot fire elemental while backing away and managed to overcome it.

The room was activated but the group poured oil into the groove and set alight to it before approaching the final room.

It had a green tinge to it and two dragon statues that tried to soak Khaine in acid when he approached, he managed to dodge out of the way, but Grylls was unable to do so and whimpered and howled when he was blinded by it.

The group found out quickly that they were constructs and made out of undead components to boot! Something Taklinn took immediate advantage of, dispatching them quickly with his anti undead skills.

Using acid from the constructs they activated the room and moved over to the metal slab.

Or where the metal slab used to be, a series of metal cogs were moving in different directions, there were several keyholes next to the cogs which Khaine examined and determined the correct way to use the key they had gained off the Ettin earlier.

Using the keyholes stopped all the cogs but the last blocked their way, the reason was evident, it was frozen in place, a quick fireball quickly sorted the problem and the group stepped through into a large cavern with an opening a distance away.

Before they could make their way to it, they heard a large crack above them and looked up. A massive amonut of ice was cracking above them Taklinn immediately could tell something was trying to get out and quickly mentioned for Beorn to use Stone Shape  on the floor to make some spikes.

The idea was sound until they saw what came out, a Gargantuan Remorhaz which quickly tried to eat Beorn, while it was quick, the party was quicker and managed to take down the monster leaving just the bite marks on Beorn.

The group salvaged would they could from the Remorhaz before turning towards the light and made their way towards it…


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