Dragon King Legacy

'Ice to see you!
Log 63

After looking around for a bit, Taklinn and Beorn disturbed some Frostsnap Lizards and things took a turn for the frosty side of things, while the initial damage was great the following fight was very much one sided.

After the lizards were vanquished the group decided to enter the far tunnel which was the biggest and grandest tunnel yet, the far end looked as if it was blocked by rubble but Lyari could see movement down one of the sides.

Khaine shadow stepped behind the area of movement and slowly started to creep on them when he turned and saw something that he reconi-

The group saw Khaine glance over his shoulder and he turned immediately to ice, they changed on in and the movement within the tunnel resolved themselves into Lizardfolk which fired back at them. Beorn could see movement coming towards them and had a lo-

Everyone saw Beorn turn to ice, things were getting desperate now, Lyari saw a creature behind the Lizardfolk and fought off the shivers as he stared into the eyes of a Basilisk, an Ice Basilisk.

Warning the group what to expect, the group shut their eyes, averted them or trusted in their abilities to keep them shielded from the effects.

The group finished off the Lizardfolk and Basilisk after a hard fight, Lyari knew they could not turn them back to their previous forms but reasoned the Pool might revert them instead, which it did.

The group then cleared away the rubble thanks to Khaine and his keen eyes, and stepped into a massive Throne room.

The room had 4 throne huge thrones and a massive door behind them with lots of bolts keyholes and locks making Khaine twitch a little, they then saw the Giant which talked to them and asked who they were with. The group said they were here to rescue a Silver Dragon and opposed a Red Dragon, to which the Giant replied that he would help them but they would have to bring him the gifts of the Dragon Kings or the Trumpets of the same.

With that, the group were told of what the items were and found they had a few in their possession, they just needed to find the others, and decided to head back to the graveyard.

After mulling over the secret door, Khaine they saw what was obvious that no-one spotted, the door was for Large creatures, thus the switch must be within that size reach and sure enough they found the switch which revealed some steps leading down into darkness, they readied themselves as Ragnar thought he could feel something ahead but was not sure what….

Shadows of the Past
Log 62

The group decided on the second cave to explore next, the Lizardfolk had told them this was a Hatchery and thus should be pretty dead……it looked it.

Khaine using his show magic and handy pair of Spider Climb Boots scouted ahead and found a light source from a very large egg surrounded by wyrmling skeletons and lots of egg shells. Ragnar had a look around but could detect nothing, Beorn had a look around before listening the the egg.

At that moment, Ragnar alerted everyone that the skeletons had just come alive and their shadows came alive too! They started to flit around touching people and draining them of their strength, Lyari, Kalam & Taklinn waded in and finished the undead quickly although they found out as quick as they were Khaine got a lot of attention and was left dangling from the ceiling with no strength left.

Healing up as best as they could do, they took shelter and rested inside the cave before proceeded to the next point of interest, a large dragon skeleton!

Or as it turned out a Colossal dragon skeleton lacking a head, the area reek of magic, this was due to a Large spear while had impaled the dragon in the past, it was blinding to look at with detect magic active and seemed to be protected by some magical runes which looked dangerous, the group weighed up what to do next…

And Dwarf for seconds
Log 61

After their eyes adjusted to the glare of sunlight they gazed upon a huge valley with a number points of interest scattered among the sides with a large pool in the middle.

After looking around, the group decided to check out the nearest one, a graveyard.

Hundreds of graves dotted the valley side ranging from small to large in size per grave, Beorn had a little sweep around and could detect some magic from a few of the graves, eyeing the nearby Paladin and knowing the stance he had about looting from the dead, Beorn got the idea that looting from the undead was fine, with this idea he took to dancing and singing for the ancient undead to come forth, it was quite a sight to behold and thus was a shame when no undead appeared.

Khaine, ignoring the antics of Beorn had figured out there was more to the dragon statue in the center, he found the trap and a possible secret door, it seem any part of the dragon touch would set off the trap (the wings would come crashing down to crush the unwary round the base of the statue). After a number of attempts, Khaine gave up and the group decided to go onto the next area, a cave with runes inscribed on the entrance.

The cave was a long tunnel with frescos lining the walls telling the story and history of the place they wre in, at the end of the tunnel they found a blind Lizardfolk which had a chat with them which revealed a silver dragon had returned to the valley and was in discussions with the King of the North.

Lyari, spotted a secret door on the way out and Khaine opened it, inside was a small bedroom with a Huge Bear inside, not looking best please someone unwanted had come in, Beorn had a chat and while there was something magical within, he thought best to leave it in peace, for now anyway.

The group then decided to check out the big pool in the middle of the valley.

The pool looked cold and not very deep, Khaine thought he could see some dragon scales on the bottom and a large metal object at the very center, he could not make out what it was, but it might be valuable.

Beorn in bear form went for a swim, it was very cold but refreshing. Since nothing untoward had happened, he dived down to grab the object, where upon he got grabbed by the bottom of the pool!!!

Lyari realised  the bottom was actually a Black Pudding, a Gargantuan Black Pudding!!

The group mobilised to fish Beorn out before he could drown. Using inner reserves of strength, Beorn summoned a Baleen Whale which managed to fight it off only to get grabbed itself!

Beorn surfaced and promptly turned into a Bat to put as much distance away from Ooze as possible, a fact that Taklinn that annoyed him as he was ready with a big healing spell.

Beorn now out of trouble dismissed the whale and the black pudding surfaced up where upon the group opened fire! Only to discover that although it had taken some damage, every time they hit the ooze it split again and again until one ooze had turned into ten smaller oozes.

The group was besieged on all sides with Taklinn being singled out by three of them! Only the prepared healing spell saved him from being eaten alive by black pudding!

In the end though the attacks mounted up on the ooze and managed to slay it just as it was making a hasty retreat, the group was alive, wounded and had a miserable Taklinn wailing that his beard was full of holes……

Bear Appetiser to start with
Log 60

The group continued to level their attacks against the hot fire elemental while backing away and managed to overcome it.

The room was activated but the group poured oil into the groove and set alight to it before approaching the final room.

It had a green tinge to it and two dragon statues that tried to soak Khaine in acid when he approached, he managed to dodge out of the way, but Grylls was unable to do so and whimpered and howled when he was blinded by it.

The group found out quickly that they were constructs and made out of undead components to boot! Something Taklinn took immediate advantage of, dispatching them quickly with his anti undead skills.

Using acid from the constructs they activated the room and moved over to the metal slab.

Or where the metal slab used to be, a series of metal cogs were moving in different directions, there were several keyholes next to the cogs which Khaine examined and determined the correct way to use the key they had gained off the Ettin earlier.

Using the keyholes stopped all the cogs but the last blocked their way, the reason was evident, it was frozen in place, a quick fireball quickly sorted the problem and the group stepped through into a large cavern with an opening a distance away.

Before they could make their way to it, they heard a large crack above them and looked up. A massive amonut of ice was cracking above them Taklinn immediately could tell something was trying to get out and quickly mentioned for Beorn to use Stone Shape  on the floor to make some spikes.

The idea was sound until they saw what came out, a Gargantuan Remorhaz which quickly tried to eat Beorn, while it was quick, the party was quicker and managed to take down the monster leaving just the bite marks on Beorn.

The group salvaged would they could from the Remorhaz before turning towards the light and made their way towards it…

Turning up the Heat
Log 59

The group went to the next door and had a look inside.

It was very cold and a shrine was present within. Crystaline armour surrounded by dragon statues and gargoyles, Beorn & Ragnar shouted warning to Khaine which was checking out the statue when it moved and hit him, everyone rushed in. For Khaine it was a running battle with him doing the running and throwing the occasional dagger.

The group was getting colder by the breath attacks of these things until Taklinn cried out for his god to intercede and help them and a Treeant appeared and laid waste to what remained before getting grumpy and demanding payment for its services which Taklinn paid.

The identified the groove in the floor and using the lessons learnt from the previous chamber used a mixture of Cone of Cold and ice water, rumbling in the distance increased in volume and tempo.

The rested up only to find the rumbling had stopped, whatever it was, was on a timer.

Lyari said not to go into the fire room but the group convinced him that they had to go in there at some point and they knew how to activate the shrines now so it should be easy!

Venturing in found the room to be warm with a statue of a brazier surrounded by ash.

Beorn spotted the groove in the floor and called down a Flame Strike which explosively ignited the ash turning it into a Huge Fire Elemental, the room became volcano hot!

Beorn summoned in a Ice Elemental which promptly caught fire! The group could hear the rumbling in the distance increase but wanted to finish off the elemental before they were burnt to a crisp…

What a Shocker!
Log 58

The group decided to check out the guardhouse where the Ettin had come from, a bank of magical screen greeted them but only half seemed to work, Beorn found a dial that gave him a bit of shock when he tried to turn it and gave up on it. After a search of the room and finding a secret room with a few items of interest, they headed to the big metal door.

The door turned out to be a massive metal slab protected by an anti-magic field. The strongest characters tried to move the slab but to no avail, it was stuck fast, maybe there was a way of opening it from the four doors they had yet to explore?

Each door was very ornate and had two dragons that shared the same element but were of chromatic and metallic colours, this puzzled the group since both hated each other, why were they together on the doors?

Each door was made of bronze with the exception of one door which had some copper in addition.

Opening the door took some effort but it revealed a grid of copper work on the floor and walls with a groove in the floor with mostly copper inlaid into it.

After some experimenting they figured out what to do and fired a Lightning Bolt into the groove…

The result was being stuck in a room where lightning bolts crashed around them and a Wil-o-wisp tried to kill them, Taklinn took the fight to it trying to capture it in a sack only to lose it over a Griffon's head, summoned by Beorn.

After about ten minutes the lightning had stopped and the wil-o-wisp had been destroyed.

Walking out the group noticed a rumbling noise coming from the area of the metal slab.

One door down, three more to go….

Log 57

The fight was brief but a combination of luck (and the horror that was Beorn) swung the fight without out many other casualties, other than Khaine shadow jumping to a spot on the ceiling just as an anti-magic field was turned on and he plummeted 70ft! But he dusted himself off afterwards.

The group had a look around before finding the big door at the back of the cavern. It had a series of levers with a series of riddles, the lever themselves took a bit of time to move as they were meant for Huge size creatures!

After about 10 minutes the group figured out the combination and the door opened.

Before the group was five large corridor leading away to the left, right and straight on, there was also a watch tower on the right and a smaller study building on the left, advancing into the room attract some missile fire from the tower and the group laid down covering fire while the melee fighters got stuck in however they could help.

Taklinn found it very entertaining when he found out they were skeleton archers and had the please of thrusting his symbol into their faces to destroy them.

While the group was dealing with the tower they were ambushed by a Draconian Ettin which used both its breath weapons to hideous effects, it's hammers bashing anyone that got near it until the melee fighters leapt in and hacked it down.

Looking around the group wondered where to go next and if they was any dangers lurking around?

Fire and Fury
Log 56

The group chose their items and sold off what they had collected and relaxed for a few weeks before the Inverted Pyramid sent for them.

The guild had something for them, a Lich had sent an invitation seeing them as a group of outstanding reputation and challenged them to beat his labyrinth in return for riches undreamt of.

While they were considering what to make of this a plea was also heard from a Sage that his silver dragon friend had been kidnaped by a powerful Dragon King!

The group asked about both from the Guild and Sage before deciding they would rescue the silver dragon!

Boris has returned to the city by this point and the group sought his services to make for the area where the dragon kings were.

A few days later, Boris arrived at the location and dropped them off as near as he could get them, and the group found the air thin as they traveled up the mountain leading to their destination.

The cliff was vertical and would have been daunting even with the equipment provided by the sage but the group had invested previously in overcoming such obstacles.

The group eventually made out and opening in the mountain, the sage previous had said there was some guardian that watched over the entrance which used powerful anti-magic, but nothing prepared them for statues with floating heads, breathing fire and anti magic fields to boot!

Beorn jumped in before realising he was back in Gnome form again and the group were shocked when two of the statues bit big chunks out of them, the party grit their teeth and prepared for the fight to come….

The Dread One's Path
Log 55

The group chose the helmets that suited themselves and used the Doomwalker to great effect. They took on Wyverns and a Red Dragon without much damage to themselves, even the evil angel which did a fair amount of damage did not slow they down for long before they ended it existence by turning it to mush through repeated bashing.

With their victory they found the remaining piece of the staff and took it to the dragon which destroyed it along with the key they had and said it would take a few days but the Banewarrens would be sealed.

Then he turned his attention to Grylls and Beorn, Grylls was a threat to the outside world and gave Beorn a choice of saving Grylls at a price or Beorn must mercy kill Grylls, Beorn wrestled with himself over the choice but decided Grylls was very important to him and paid the price, part of his life force was transferred to Grylls, while his Constitution was reduced he became more closely linked with his animal companion and the friendship they shared more evident.

Lyari teleported everyone out and took the news to the Church about their delvers which could not be raised, they did restore Ragnar's frame and offered services at a knockdown price but in the Church's eyes they had not succeeded.

On the other hand, the Inverted Pyramid were overjoyed that not only the Warrens would be sealed but a Magic item that the church was after, would remain sealed within, they were happy to give the party what was due to them and went as far as offering to cover part of the cost for an item if they wanted something better, the group looked on and considered what to get…

Ascension of the Baneheart
Log 54

The group met with the Silver dragon which turned out to be one of the architects of the Banewarrens and revealed he could repair and help seal the Banewarrens back up, but to do so they needed the Staff of Shards to destroy the Key they had and the sealing rod to re-activate the generators and the doors that were keyed to them. Beorn learnt Gryls was infected with a Bane disease from one of the rooms they had opened, the dragon told that there might be a way of saving him but it would take time to see if it was possible.

Since the dragon kept the room safe, the group rested up and proceeded further up the Baneheart shaft coming to the scene of battle which Khaine and Lyari had found before but not explored fully, they found a room which sucked Khaine's shadow from him when he made it enter the room before him, he was a little disturbed by this and decided not to enter the room, they also found some rags which were a primary source of evil.

Quick as a flash Lyari pointed the rod of wonder at it and shot a small fireball at it, from it, twelve Wraiths emerged and the group looked a tad fearful especially when Ragnar was leeched of his life force and looked advanced in his age.

Lyari saved them all with a bigger Fireball followed up with a Seek the Souless which ended the fight very quickly.

Ragnars wounds were advanced in nature and could not be restored easily, however the group chose to go on, esially since where the rags were they found the sealing rod.

Venturing forth they found an ornate room with 6 silvers helms on a table with a magical painting depicting a huge construct of a type they had never seen before, from this they learnt the helms controlled the construct and for them to retrieve the last part of the staff they needed, they would have tread the path of the Dread One by proxy using the construct to hand.

And so they started debating who should wear the helms of the construct; The Doomwalker…


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