Dragon King Legacy

The Dread One's Path
Log 55

The group chose the helmets that suited themselves and used the Doomwalker to great effect. They took on Wyverns and a Red Dragon without much damage to themselves, even the evil angel which did a fair amount of damage did not slow they down for long before they ended it existence by turning it to mush through repeated bashing.

With their victory they found the remaining piece of the staff and took it to the dragon which destroyed it along with the key they had and said it would take a few days but the Banewarrens would be sealed.

Then he turned his attention to Grylls and Beorn, Grylls was a threat to the outside world and gave Beorn a choice of saving Grylls at a price or Beorn must mercy kill Grylls, Beorn wrestled with himself over the choice but decided Grylls was very important to him and paid the price, part of his life force was transferred to Grylls, while his Constitution was reduced he became more closely linked with his animal companion and the friendship they shared more evident.

Lyari teleported everyone out and took the news to the Church about their delvers which could not be raised, they did restore Ragnar's frame and offered services at a knockdown price but in the Church's eyes they had not succeeded.

On the other hand, the Inverted Pyramid were overjoyed that not only the Warrens would be sealed but a Magic item that the church was after, would remain sealed within, they were happy to give the party what was due to them and went as far as offering to cover part of the cost for an item if they wanted something better, the group looked on and considered what to get…

Ascension of the Baneheart
Log 54

The group met with the Silver dragon which turned out to be one of the architects of the Banewarrens and revealed he could repair and help seal the Banewarrens back up, but to do so they needed the Staff of Shards to destroy the Key they had and the sealing rod to re-activate the generators and the doors that were keyed to them. Beorn learnt Gryls was infected with a Bane disease from one of the rooms they had opened, the dragon told that there might be a way of saving him but it would take time to see if it was possible.

Since the dragon kept the room safe, the group rested up and proceeded further up the Baneheart shaft coming to the scene of battle which Khaine and Lyari had found before but not explored fully, they found a room which sucked Khaine's shadow from him when he made it enter the room before him, he was a little disturbed by this and decided not to enter the room, they also found some rags which were a primary source of evil.

Quick as a flash Lyari pointed the rod of wonder at it and shot a small fireball at it, from it, twelve Wraiths emerged and the group looked a tad fearful especially when Ragnar was leeched of his life force and looked advanced in his age.

Lyari saved them all with a bigger Fireball followed up with a Seek the Souless which ended the fight very quickly.

Ragnars wounds were advanced in nature and could not be restored easily, however the group chose to go on, esially since where the rags were they found the sealing rod.

Venturing forth they found an ornate room with 6 silvers helms on a table with a magical painting depicting a huge construct of a type they had never seen before, from this they learnt the helms controlled the construct and for them to retrieve the last part of the staff they needed, they would have tread the path of the Dread One by proxy using the construct to hand.

And so they started debating who should wear the helms of the construct; The Doomwalker…

I spy something beginning with M and ending in assacre
Log 53

The group thought about the plan, looked at themselves and decided to shelve the plan for the moment. They were needed to track down the Church delvers and had nothing to do with running away from fate.

With this in mind the group went through the mundane areas, they knew that the Delvers were opening any vault they came across no matter what lurked behind the doors.

Khaine came across a door that looked a bit battered but still held, Mungo had tried unsuccessfully to pick the the lock of the door last time but Khaine knew his trade and had the door open within a few seconds, Ragnar opened the door to find some skinless zombies/ghouls within, the battle was short and brutally one sided but nothing of value was within the room.

The group continued on and found some tracks which Beorn followed to a scene of brutal carnage; limbs, various body parts and torn armour were present in the room, the sight was so disturbing a few of the group vomited and passed out.

Examining the bodies reveal a gruesome fight took place here with many of bodies showing signs of being raped both when alive and dead. There were eight opened pods overhead and Lyari knew where they were, Dread Bone Devils, he told the group what horror happened here and the group were thankful they did not open this room.

Beorn used a Flaming Sphere to incinerate the bodies, only realising they were the Church Delvers when a holy symbol was revealed, still better them rest in peace, than be brought back and relive the nightmare they went through…..

Several doors had been tried but none were open, whether the Church delvers were responsible or someone else, remained to be seen.

The group re-entered a room they had not been able to traverse as Dench proved to be very 'inept' with disarming of traps, the group had slippers of spider climbing and walked around the traps.

The found a suit of possessed armour that wanted to be banished but only if the agreed to do it in a certain way, in exchange information would be passed to them, the group reluctantly agreed and banished him gaining a restored armour in the process in addition to the information and warnings.

The group carried on finding the evil Cleric in the chapel, but without his bodyguards he was easy to deal with and while they could not destroy him, they at least got him out of their way.

Ragnar could hear heavy breathing around the next corner and Khaine had a peek. A very large silver dragon was in the warding generator room and it looked distracted, since they had heard from Lyari that Metallic dragons were good, they thought making their introductions were needed, with that they strolled round the corner….

Time for a Bug Hunt...
Log 52

The group sold what they had and bought their better gear. During their buying the Guild wanted to talk with them about a proposition.

They wanted the group not to find the Sword of Lies sought by the church, they also specifically asked them not to remove it, after all it had been placed there for a reason, a reason that the group could not get an answer from the guild but the Guild would increase their reward upon the Banewarrens being sealed. They also offered a better reward for dispatching the Beholder.

The group considered their options and considering they had money and far more experience, they all decided to go after the Beholder, with that in mind they bought specific gear aimed towards protecting themselves against attacks and weapons that were well suited for the task.

It was going to be risky, but hey they had a plan this time…..

Log 51

The group finished off the remaining monsters and waited for Lyari to blast the golem away, unfortunately Ragnar had other ideas and summoned his Lion, which promptly got sliced in two by said golem.

However the Lion delay the golem enough for Lyari to destroy it and the group looted what they could before descending down to the bottom.

With that Lyari teleported everyone back to the Inn where Lyari 'forgot' the size of his own room, got flattened by the dead Lion.

After they dragged their Wizard from under the Lion, they went to use the services of the Church of Lothian and brought Khaine back to life, Ragnar stayed on to oversee the Lion being brought back too while everyone else met up with Jevicca to sell her 'certain' items the Paladin was not aware of.

The group minus the paladin, went to the magic shop to flog all they possessed, they were at it for sometime……

A Damsel in Distress
Log 50

The group was throwing everything they had left at the demon only for spells to bounce of while being flayed by chains.

The Demon grinned and the bridge unraveled sending Ragnar & Taklinn to plunge into the pit, while Kalam grabbed a chain, grimaced and fought on.

At this stage Khaine was trying fire spell after spell into the apparent spell immune demon, such was his focus he didn't realise the state of his wounds until he fell down dead from being flayed by dancing chains.

Kalam eventually managed to overcome the demon and sent it into the pit dead.

The group retrieved Khaine and placed him in the bag of holding and looted what was on the demon (while the Paladin was not looking).

The group rested after their ordeal, although Lyari did take a look at the next level which showed signs of an ancient battle.

They decided to descend so that they could recoup and go back the the city to re-supply (the generator was still active of this level making trips to the outside impossible.

Taklinn was pushed off the edge for a bit of fun as the group knew he had a ring of Feather Fall and waited for him to give the 'A ok' on the Golem level.

He did not see a Golem as he floated onto the bridge but almost jumped out of his beard when a young lady behind said hello.

She had been with someone when they adventured into the prison looking for wealth when they were attacked by werewolves. Taklinn ran a few spells over her but nothing seemed to be odd about her, when the rest of the group turned up. Ragnar gave her the once over and found nothing but did notice something behind her and went to investigate.

Suddenly the group were ambushed! The Lady became a spider another spider appeared next to Lyari and a Lizardfolk, Bugbear & Attacth came out of the Vrock's door.

While the group were locked in battle felling many of the enemies, Taklinn spotted the thing he was dreading to see, attracted by the sounds of battle, the golem!

Taklinn shouted a warning but only Lyari heeded it, getting into position to hit it with his prepared, Seek the Soulless, would the group survive the encounter?

Look Out! Behind you!
Log 49

Since there was nothing more to gain, they decided to go up to the next level and make camp there only to find a lot of debris, a warding generator still active and 6 Ogres wanted to feed on their flesh.

After the group solved the Ogre problem they found two doors on this level were open, one smelt bad and the other had a hint of chain behind it.

Khaine chose the smelly one and found a pyramid that when touched would produce meat, after some poking and examination it was determined this would snath small animals, shred them and spew the meat out this end.

The group explored the rooms find some traps which were avoided or disarmed and found a blood star gem which Khaine took.

Backtracking, the group entered the chain door, the room was full of nasty looking chains and had a chain bridge which spanned a pit to the otherside with a door, opening it led to a chest with some items inside, Taklinn remained on the otherside of the bridge, while the others were distracted he saw a figure made by chains, rise up from the bridge. Taklinn shouted a warning and everyone was attacked by chains when they charged the figure.

Various spells were employed against the being but all bounce off some sort of resistance the thing had.

While the group was dealing damage to it, it was dealing massive damage to them, who would win????

I Wish for a Star
Log 48

The Phylactery looked very evil on reflection that the group ignored it, Taklinn found a secret door which led to a room which gave everyone a cold sense of dread, an Obsidian Skull was within and although it looked valuable no-one wanted to pick it up so they backtracked and tried the other door on the other side of the bridge.

They found a metal statue which raised its fists but nothing more, Taklinn tried to have a chat with it in case it did anything but it was just a statue. Going around the corner they found a door a skeleton crumpled on the floor and a massive Statue standing over it with blades for hands, Lyari & Taklinn immediately warned everyone this was a Golem.

Taklinn and Khaine moved forward a little ways and used a grappling hook on the skeleton as it looked to have some nice bits of loot on it, the Golem moved it's arms a little but did not move otherwise.

With the skeleton looted Khaine took a few more steps into the room and the Golem charged! Khaine shadow stepped out of the way, leaving Taklinn to bear the brunt of the attack, the group were treated to a massive gush of his blood. Kalam struck the thing but realised it was very armoured against most forms of attack , Beorn used Stone Shape to hold the Golem immobile while the group made a hasty retreat.

Lyari teleported up to the next level, while Beorn fetched Ragnar & Grylls and used Air Walk The golem strode onto the bridge and watched them walk upwards.

A series of doors were on this level, one of which was open, Taklinn healed his wounds and others that had been taken in the group, and proceeded down the corridor beyond the door.

Khaine checked the door finding nothing, Lyari backtracked and kept a watch in case the Golem had some means of ascending to this level. Taklinn cast Detect Magic as Khaine finished his checks and could detect something magical and very powerful from behind the door and tried to stop Khaine from opening the door! He was quick but Khaine was quicker, there was a silent whomp and Beorn found himself alone, everyone had disappeared he called Lyari through to the room beyond and found a Star Pendant floating in the middle of the room.


Taklinn and the others looked around, they were on a star shaped plateau which was fairly big but everywhere was full of stars felt cool and there was flames in the middle of the plateau which gave off no heat.

Touching the flames revealed a large blue Dragon who said she was delighted to have new playthings for all eternity. Khaine tried to sidestepped the Dragon using his wit, unfortunate for him she wanted him to dance by electrocuting him and started to fly around to torment them.

In the Real World…..

Lyari and Beorn tried putting it on, smashing it and examining it to no avail, it had the words 'Darkstar' on the back, but they had no idea what to do, Beorn at one point tried to nibble on it causing him to drool. They needed help, Lyari started focusing his mind ready for the long teleport to get it…….

On the Plateau….

The group found this was was a very small place, the ground had shook at one point causing some of them to fall off the edge only to find themselves falling back onto the plateau, they also saw to their vague horror some sort of liquid cover the high heavens above them but did not rain. Khaine started to have a rummage around the bag of holding and found a ring he never seen before, instantly he was brought to the ground by Ragnar, after an argument he was told this was the Ring of Wish they had 'acquired' from the Pactlords sometime ago and had not wanted to use it it unless for emergencies, Khaine pointed out this was quite the emergency right now.

After a bit of discussion Ragnar agreed to use the ring of wish to escape this place and kill the dragon in the process, the Wish began….

In the Real World…..

Lyari & Beorn stopped what they were doing, Beorn had the Pendant on and it had flipped over to the side with the writing on and started to flash up the letter in order and they flashed th word multiple times. Beorn thought; lets give it a try and said 'Darkstar'.

Suddenly there was a whomp and everyone appeared with a dead blue Dragon and a ring which turned to dust in Ragnar's hands. They cut up the Dragon for possible armour later.

Lyari looked at the pendant and said could he have it, Beorn did not see why not and Ragnar could sense no evil from it, so Beorn went to take it off, but found he could not.

Maybe I should say the word again someone suggested so Beorn said 'Darkstar' then he said following it, ' Oh sh-'. There was a whomp and Taklinn found himself in an empty room with a clink the pendant hit the ground.

Back on the Plateau

'-it' Beorn realised his mistake too late he quickly looked around and had some relief that Taklinn was not with them.

Back in the Room

Taklinn picked up the Pendant, put it on and said, 'Darkstar'. There was a whomp and everyone was back in the room again, Taklinn tried but could not take the pendant off.

Still as everyone picked themselves up, it could of been worse….

I AM THE MASTER! (In a high pitched voice)
Log 47

The party fought the Vrock which cackled madly and just when they got the upper hand he disappeared screaming; 'I SHALL RETURN, THE MASTER WILL KILL YOU!'

Thinking the combat was over for now the group started debating how to reach the above level. 10 minutes after the debate turned into an argument, the Vrock appeared taking a gouge out of Taklinn and screamed; 'THE MASTER WILL KILL YOU NOW! KILL YOU NOW!'

The Vrock had healed himself and they alas had not……

Everyone stormed into melee range except for Beorn & Lyari, which conjured up some magic only to be hit from behind…..it was the Blue Troll, only this time it was bigger!

After a while the Vrock set his sights on Ragnar which was cutting through it's demonic protection and aimed to slay the paladin. Kalam changed course and confronted the Troll, allowing Beorn and Lyari to rake it with fire spells, with Kalam's help they were able to disable it enough to focus on the Vrock.

Then Lyari found himself out of offensive spells, knowing the crossbow would be useless, he drew the Rod of Wonder he knew the effects were random but here was a target that face the wrath of this rod, so his first cast cause some surprise when Vrock got BIGGER!

'SEE I AM THE MASTER!' shrieked the Vrock before smashing Ragnar around, Lyari cast again, this time a fireball erupted out and did more damage to the group around the Vrock.

Not that the group noticed since they now had a massive Vrock to contend with which was at last felled by Ragnar. 'NNNNNOOOOOO……….' cried out the Vrock as it fell.

Lyari tried one final cast of the Rod which caused the area to be filled with heavy rain…..

The group immediately healed with a few unreadable glances in Lyari's direction while Kalam beheaded the troll.

The group decided now would be a good time to rest and prepare spell for the long climb up.

After they rested they did just that, leaving Ragnar and Grylls behind for the time being they ascended up to the first level and started exploring the area finding two open doors.

The first door revealed the Vrocks nest which stank to the abyss and back again, and a corridor which led to an ordinary room, Khaine immediately knew something was amiss finding a lot of traps, and Taklinn warned that the door to the next room was magic and something beyond was as well. Khaine shrugged and pushed the door open feeling a bit stiff while do so but shook it off.

Before them was a Phylactery and it looked evil and valuable and Khaine pointed out there was no Ragnar around to stop them……

Onto the Baneheart
Log 46

Everyone was left shivering from the attacks of the winter elemental, but the tide turned and were able to defrost the thing into a pile of slush.

Retreating from the room they returned to the anti magic pit, while Beorn had a nose around the mechanism next to the dragon room, which he eventually figured out how to solve with a very red hurt nose, once he realised what it did he became a very fast bear and legged it after everyone else.

Meanwhile, Kalam had figured out a way of bypassing the pit using a series of ropes, upon figuring out where the anti magic field ended Lyari went back to find an out of breath Beorn with a guilty expression on his face, Lyari then used Dimension Door with the bears to where everyone else were.

They found more creatures, they laid an ambush for them and killed them all with ease.

Searching the area did not reveal much, but they continued up the long steep stairs they had found.

Reaching the top they found themselves in a massive chamber with many sealed doors all around, after a bit of poking around and testing a few things, they found the ceiling was very high up. How high, they did not know, Taklinn cast Searing Light to get a better idea and found something demonic with wings watching them from a bridge above them.

Khaine the Shadowsworn, shadowstepped to the bridge above and had a look around, feeling a little exposed he jumped off casting Feather Fall and was snatched by the Demon, Beorn became a bat and battle was joined.

Suddenly Taklinn was attacked by the thing that appeared at his side, Lyari got a good look at it, it was a Vrock!

The demon was mad but canny and attacked them with glee and hunger, would the party triumph or become lunch?


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