Dragon King Legacy

Four Choices, Seven Characters
Log 1

The Group

Human Paladin – Ragnar

Half-Orc Monk – Grok

Dwarf Cleric – Taklinn Dankil

Halfling Rogue – Marcus Fluffyfoot

Elf Wizard – Lyari Mythalvarin

Human Ranger – Kielder Maul

Gnome Bard – Wilbury


The Characters met together in the village of Entsworth where they heard about two bounties and two areas of interest. Kielder taking the lead asked if anyone wanted to go with him on one of the Bounties to the Urkallan Hills and investigate the troubles plaguing the farmers there.

The group agreed and after a few days, arrived at the Hamlet where Grok scared one of the farmers and the bounty reward was revealed to them. They set out looking for the troublesome creatures (An Orge and some Kobolds) only to find an abandoned farmhouse looted or cleared out by the previous owner.

The one thing they find was a piece of strange meat which confused Marcus and freaked out Ragnar after changing colour and turning briefly into a rat. The land seemed just wrong to the group, the grass was blue and they could see smoke on the horizon, but the smoke was moving in a un-natural way. The strange meat disappeared when everyone had their backs turned to see the smoke.


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