Dragon King Legacy

A Breeze in the Dungeon
Log 39

The group found beyond the airlock a chain and a secret door, expecting one to open the other, Kalam pulled it down they head a series of clanks and a slow grinding in the distance and the secret door did not open.

The group then access the secret door which led to a small tunnel, Beorn & Grills in bear form played in the water tank, eating the remaining fish while the rest investigated.

They came to the other end and found a small room with a door, Dench being the pointman did not find any traps but upon opening the door he did find four Gorillons looking as shocked as he was!

The fight was brief and the group won with minor injuries, and the proceeded to look around to see what the chain had done.

They found a secret door had opened up to an area they had not seen before with doors and a screen depicting a cloudy scene, upon stepping into the room, a huge air elemental appear and starting tossing the group around and dealing serious damage to them, the group damaged it back with what they had, at one point Kalam threw his sword at it, such was his frustration that his damage was having little impact upon it. Would the group be able to defeat the elemental?

Traps? What Traps?
Log 38

The group continued up the stairs and found another trap mostly by Dench walking into it and came to a series of rooms which were checked out at length, one had a Vault door and another was full of snoring Gorillions which was entertaining to watch Taklinn sneak past them while Dench tried to pick their pockets (or lack of them).

Anyhow the group eventually opened the vault door since it was not in Geri's information and Dench gave the all clear and promptly got zapped as as he touched the floor. The group started giving Beorn the evil for hiring a Rogue that could not find these traps before he stepped on them, at some point Dench would step on something that he would not walk away so easily from.

However in highlighting said trap Kalam noticed the ceiling was just a wall of darkness and with a boost and a rummage around the ceiling he triggered a secret door to open.

Wandering in they found an airlock, the group made ready for what was on the otherside, fortunately the other side was a water tank that had been drained, Lyari opened the door on the otherside and made to use that airlock to see what else there was….

Balls of light are not Dench's friends
Log 37

The group bought a few things before attending the church to see what they had been up to, it turned out the Church had discovered these Banewarrens had something of value to them and had put  together a team to this end and informed the group that they would be venturing forth down there and might lend them aid if they were to do so in kind. The group had mixed feeling with a second group in there with them and decided to visit the Inverted Pyramid before getting into the Banewarrens before the Lothians did!

The trip was worth it as Geri had told the guild a lot of things which was passed on, with information in hand they proceeded in.

Initial entry was easy and nothing had changed until they found the floor wet, fearing something had been set loose they tracked back the water to its source, two giant octopi and a werewolf lay in a partially flooded room they had been in, looking at the werewolf brought back memories of house Vlaadaam, were they here as well? No sign of them they could see so they continued on, bypassing a barrier with the information gain from the guild and proceeded onwards, at each door they looked at the information given to them which told of what was behind each one. Dench was tempted to open them but the presence of a Paladin stayed his hand….for now anyway.

They came to a room, the information they had said there was guardian in this room but it did not say what it was. Dench confident of locating traps took the lead and made up the steps leading to the next area. As soon as he took one step, a ball of light appeared and zapped him with a bolt of lightning! Dench;s hair stood on end and with such speed that the group was unaware of, he jumped off the stairs and rolled under them.

Aside from this the Ball of light was popped soon after wards and Dench came out, cockiness gone for good? We'll see next time.

The Terror that was Beorn....
Log 36

Lyari started firing off various spells at the Yuan-ti and Hydra only for some to bounce off he then noticed at the corner of his eye a tree nearby to the rest of the group moved and turned into a Kielder with Mungo! They charged in firing what weapons they possessed, doing slight amounts of damage to the Harpy.

At this point the Harpy entered the dome and fired upon the group dealing some heavy injuries mostly to Grills all was going to plan until the group reacted and launched attacks against it before it could rise again, they did some good damage and then Beorn came around to take a bite out of it, Beorn found he was going too fast and tried to slow down, unfortunately he forgot how to slow down and in his panic, he turned his Wild Shape off.

The result was a hairy ballistic gnome hitting the Harpy at speed, the Harpy was completely bewildered which rendered it a sitting duck for Mungo and Kielder, finishing off what Beorn had achieved.

Beorn turned back into a Bat just as the rest of the monsters hit them. Arrows, spells and flash of blades was all anyone saw as it just was chaos, Boern summoned in a mass of bears and the group took down the Hydra in short order.

The Yuan-ti wasn't going down without taking some of them with her and Mungo with Wolfdan fell to her blades, Dench got a cut in a sensitive spot only to watch the snake woman cast Flaming Corrosion and several summoned bears turn into goo which made him back off.

However the group won out due to sheer weight in numbers and the battle was won, hard fought but they were the victors.

With that and saying some words for those departed, they headed back to the manor to rest and ransack what remained.

The following day they returned through the portal and proceeded to head to the market to sell their loot and consider their next course of action, they had a Beholder to kill, the Church was up to something and the Inverted Pyramid has presumably the answers by now from Geri.

What would they do next?

Running Running Running away from a Hydra
Log 35

The group stated to check out the Manor finding some useful items and Ysabelle the Dagger informed them of whose room was where, and they found the second part that linked her to becoming a staff, however something seems amiss, they consider resting up when there was a loud battering outside, but counting the slams they realised what was about to come through the door and started to leg it.

And not a moment too soon as a eight headed Hydra bashed its way through the wall and started to pursue them along with a Yuan-Ti Abomination and a Ooze Mephit which quickly fell behind when Beorn and Taklinn cast Entagle to slow them down.

The group was making some headway when something appeared in front of them flying out of the mist, a Harpy which upon seeing them started to do some strafing runs trying to pin them down so the Hydra could catch up, it succeeded when Beorn called up a Wind Wall and shaped it into a dome over the group, he then went to attack the Harpy with mixed success, he managed to get it's attention only to be hit at near point blank range, after two arrows Beorn disengaged, not wanting to feel that kind pain.

The Hydra with Yuan-Ti was seconds away and the Harpy started to move by attacks, the group looked to make a stand here, was it their last as tired as they were?

To the Manor! (Away from the Beholder!)
Log 34

Lyari step in at this point having just focused on the prospect of fighting a Beholder and strongly opposed going against it, for now anyway. They promised Chal they would return with better weapons to do the deed and headed off to the manor.

Enroute Taklinn discovered the Quann spewed white rocks which he thought looked like diamonds which he retrieved, and showed the others only to find they were even more valuable as they were not diamonds but a type of arcane crystal which gave Magic Users a boost in what they could do. The group thought they could make some money off this plane once they had dealt with the residents.

With that they approach the Manor, they slowed when they saw a Hydra walk past the Manor and towards the back of it, everyone shared glances not sure they wanted to face that.

Before they could go another step eight Orges appeared out of the Manor and charged at the them!

The fight was one sided with only Taklinn and Ragnar getting the worse hits and Taklinn losing his temper on Kalam & Dench which had guarded the rear during the attack.

With that they marched up to the doors and Dench opened them only for a Behir to breath on them making their hair stick on end. During the fight Kalam got swallowed and Grills the bear almost killed if it was not for Lyari magic.

The group recovered before exploring the Manor further…

Welcome to the Quann, its not all fun and games
Log 33

The group brought Kalecerant around with the aid Of Taklinn (which was retrieving his casually flung axe) and decided to summon the church, to report on Heth's activities and to clean up what vile things there were lying around.

Beorn secretly took the evil dagger to sell only to find the head of Vlaadaam abroad sorting out some financial things with the money they gave her, so he went and hid it on the roof of the Church of Hextor.

With Taklinn they visited Jevicca of the Mages Guild (teaching Taklinn along the way the wonders of flying). Jevicca had found out much around the Banewarrens and found something called the Staff of Shards would be the key to sealing the prison, only thing was there were three parts, one was deep in the Banewarrens, one was in the Quann and one mystriously had been in the Rivergate district and had moved to the Church of Hextor, Boern looked a bit batish when he heard this and said he would have a look for it, Jevicca gave him a knowing look.

With the dagger in hand she purged the evil from it and found it to be pure of heart and good.

The dagger also revealed much about the Pactlords, so much so, Jevicca said the group would be rewarded if they could take out the Original Pactlords, one was dead, another had risen the deity status and the third had not been seen in some time. However the last, Charch Pann was in the Quann who was a Beholder, it didn't sound like much (until Lyari heard about this and quivered a little).

The Church of Lothian had rewarded the group with rare items the church had in its possession to say thank you in finding Heth was working behind their backs and they would be doing a purge to make sure no others were hiding their own activities.

The group were happy until they did an inventory check and found the ring of wish was missing, Mungo had it last and surprise he was also missing along with Kielder, they would have chat with them later (assuming they could find them). With that Beron had a look around and recruited Dench and Half-Orc looking for treasure and an abilty of finding traps, he was hired immediately.

The next day, the group ventured into the Quann. It was cold and marsh like on the other side, they found a structure of the Pactlords and after a brief search by Beorn they found a Tower and a Mansion.

They went to the tower first only to be greeted by a Couatl called 'Chal', who wanted to kill the Beholder, the place was magically tight, so the group decided to rest up and taken on the Beholder when they were ready…

Heth, Interrupted
Log 32

The group make their way up the tower and interrogated the halfling finding out he was not allowed past the 2nd level for some reason. Various bedchambers were found on the first floor, however the group could hear heavy breathing on the next floor, Kalam took a peek and saw a large lizard looking at him, he felt all stiff and ducked back down. He described it to the group which Lyari recognised….Basilisk.

The group started to discuss how to bypass it upstairs without being turned into stone, eventually Lyari hit on the idea of turning someone invisible with one of their empty backpacks and stick it on its head. Kalam volunteered and snuck upstairs keeping his eyes away from where the Basilisk was and stuck the backpack on its head, and smacked a stunning fist over its head for good measure. The group moved up and led the beast into a nearby room and closed the door, wedging a piton so the door could not be easily opened.

Then they heard groaning and mumblings from the next room, finding a man bound up, after a bit of questioning the group thought something was hinky and they were proved right when it turned into a Dark Nage and fled up the stairs without anyone getting a hit in!

The next floor had two rooms which were inspected but nothing much could be seen and continued up to the top floor.

The Dark Naga, a Bugbear and Brother Heth were waiting for them, the Paladin Kalecerant was laid on a nearby table unconscious and hooked up to some sort of device.

Brother Heth spoke to the group that they should of done what was needed in the Banewarrens but no matter, he would finish them here.

The group went into battle, the Dark Naga fell quickly with the Bugbear to follow, Heth was hard to hit and was doing a lot of damage to anyone that got near him, until Beorn summoned a Grizzly bear that grabbed him and held him still for every blow the party could spare.

At last Heth fell and Kalecerant was released, a Portal was discovered and a talking evil dagger. What will the group decide next?

A little trouble in Rivergate
Log 31

After a bit more discussion the group sought out the magic shop and searched through the things there and bought what looked useful before continuing on to see Jevicca which said Geri was very useful and gave them a magic item of their choice. Jevicca said that the Inverted Pyramid should have a lot of information in a few days time until then, could you see what the Lothians are up to, they seem to be preparing their own team to descend into the Banewarrens.

The Church of Lothian confirmed this byt in a few days time, however in the meantime they were trying to track down their lost Paladin to no avail.

The group then had some inspiration, Kalecerant had been in the Rivergate area at the beginning of their adventure could it be possible he was their held against his will?

The group entered the district and asked around get a lot of information from an Innkeeper and a lot less from a Tom Cat (Its a long story which involves a river).

They reached the church and met a Halfling lying through his teeth about why the church was not in use until Ragnar jumped on him, some thugs came out to teach the group some manners until Beorn cast Flame Strike upon them and they were ash afterwards.

Interrogating the Halfling revealed the Pactlords were operating from here and a portal to their domain was at the top of the tower. With that they made their way to the stairs….

Held to Ransom
Log 30

The Lion continued its battle aided with Magic from Lyari which finally cast down the remaining monsters besieging them, they tended their wounds and looted the bodies noting that they were were wearing the strange Bone Rings like the last group they came across and found a note where their Paladin ally used to be. He had been taken  and if they cared about him, they would leave the Banewarrens and await further instructions.

With that the group had a discussion as to what to do next, after some time and a bit of arguing they decided to take Geri to the Inverted Pyramid and report in the the Church of Lothian.

More was revealed to them of the Bone rings when they met Jevicca of the Inverted Pyramid and the Church was concerned about their Paladin but it would take time until they could find him.

With that the group retired to the Inn and discussed what to do, Lyari decided to ask the Innkeeper what the gossip was like in the city the following morning only to find creatures of unusual types had been seen in the Rivergate district, he remembered the Paladin at the start of their adventure had been doing some investigating round there and wondered if there was something more to it.

Just then a message was dropped onto their table, a message had been delivered to leave a sack of ten thousand gold coins behind a shop that night, the look on Taklinn's face said what the group thought of that development…..


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