Dragon King Legacy

Yetis & Visions

Log 14

Kielder & Wilbury volunteered to guard the bridge while the group advanced further down the canyon, where upon they found a bear.

The Polar bear was eating an orc but Taklinn started having a chat with the bear and after some negotiation the bear moved back in it cave with less loot in it and a bunch of notes were found on the orc.

The group carried on walking a fair distance they rounded a bend and saw a large metal object wedged into the canyon. They could not go round or under it and was hot to the touch, it had strange symbols on it and looked as if some god had thrown it from the sky. Markus started using some pitons and rope to go over the thing with mixed success until one of the pitons came free. Taklinn meanwhile had cast Endure Elements and climbed the object when he and everyone else heard a beep. Taklinn looked around and then he saw how shiny the object was and started to carve out a slice of the metal. The beeps continued getting more frequent and high pitched until the object exploded, fortunately everyone survived or so it appeared as Marcus had disappeared, the first reaction everyone did was checked their wallets (which were all there) and then Grok started crying very loudly and swore to avenge him.

Meanwhile Marcus had scouted along the path and encountered some Yeti like creatures and they were not happy to see him, the group rushed forwards and ended the creatures before could eat Marcus, Grok was happy and almost crushed Marcus when he hugged him.

The group proceeded futher down and found a big tree with a hut wrapped around it, ringing the bell revealed an old Orc who beckon them in with a chance to see there future, although she looked harmless, Ragnar & Grok did not like the look of the Orc and elected not to join in and waited outside.

After about an hour the group re-united after a few tense words and continued to the end of the canyon to see a vast plateau with the face of a god covering and portion of it, their attention was caught by a strange vehicle of some sort and went to investigate, it was a flying machine of some sort, evidently the merchants son had made it up here, but the damage the machine had taken led the group to wonder what had caused it….



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