Dragon King Legacy

Worlds Collide

Log 9

Lyari cast Detect Magic which revealed the pattern of the gravity effects and made traversing the room much easier and dispatched the remaining Kobolds. Sensing a great evil ahead, Ragnar urged the group to rest before one final push, the source of the blight was up ahead.

The group advanced after resting and saw a glowing crimson portal, consulting with Lyari revealed that the Outer Gods world was on the otherside and to close the portal would require to kill something on the otherside that was keeping it open.

After some preparation where Grok cast Enlarge on himself, the group stormed through the portal and a hellish scene greeted them.

It was a bleak dark world with a single bright star providing the illumination, in front of them a swirling globe of flesh which produced mouths which moaned in unearthy voices split open and exploded leaving a hideous birdman like creature behind which imediatly attacked scything into the group with its long claws, further bits of the fleshy glodes re-made themselves into tentacles which sought to distract and immobilize the party members.

After a long fight the group emerged victorious and the world shook and then faded leaving them in a room paved with white marble. They have done it, the portal was closed and the Outer Gods influence had gone.

Returning to the hamlet the group were cheered for solving the Orge and Kobold problem little knowing how much bigger the danger was and gave them a reward, a feast and free credit on the bar (which Taklinn made heavy use of).

With their new wealth they sough to go buy something, asking Wilbury of the surrounding area, the small town of Fornlar was chosen.

(End of Urkallan Hill of Mystery)

After a week of travel they came upona dead elf and his wagon, the killer was still around which made a lunge at the group. Taklinn quickly cast Entangle and snared the thing which the group promptly slayed. The creature was an undead wolf, the forest around them was very quiet and Kielder examined the surrounding ground spoke of there being no tracks to indicate deer and elk around which was disturbing.

The group brought the elf and wagon into town, the town guards took the body and wagon off them and said they would delivered to the family, the group wished to pay their condolences to the family and the guard agreed after a time and the Magister might want to have a word with them.

While waiting the group set forth to spend their aquired treasures.



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