Dragon King Legacy

Well it just got weird....

Log 16

The Frost giant was a bit of a challenge but was overcome in the end although Markus was in some pain from the blow which Taklinn made better.

The night passed with incident apart from a ball of light moving across the campsite which was ignored.

The group headed back to the Horned King's crown to find some Yeti's clutching their heads in pain around a dais with glowing buttons, Markus pressed a few of them but only succeeded making one of them light up.

After a while some of the group went to check one of the eyes glowing reddish orange, sensing a trap Markus had a pot shot at some of the snow piles dotted around the eye, sure enough evil snowmen popped up and launched their failed ambush, although they hit the group hard, Ragnar accidently killed one and Markus finished off the last of them with his wand which had been acting up again.

Putting out the fire and finding no more snowmen, the group wandered over the the other eye which glowed an eerie green, they found a hatch with a ladder bolted in a big hole made of metal, they descended into a metal room with a closed hatch, there was a panel of buttons next to the hatch, pulling out some notes they found earlier, Markus consulted them and punched in a 3 button code, the hatch and ladder slammed shut and the room began to filled with gas.

After about a minute of panic which involved people choking and Makus's Wand being used up on the closed hatch, Kielder remembered a vision he was shown had the correct button combination and punched it in, they examined the notes again only to find the button combination was correct, they just over thought it.

The gas dissipated and both hatches opened, consulting the crude map they had, they went left at the T-junction and found the cells which had a Barbarian that didn't talk much and Borys which loved to talk a lot, the group start to regret taking this job after he start asking all sorts of questions and asking what buttons did what and they should explore the ship, Grok told him to behave and not wander off.

Retracing there steps, the group took a right and ran into a large ape like creature which tried to shoot them with a crossbow that shot light which died as soon as Ragnar pointed and said 'Evil!'

Going though the hatch revealed the map was very crude as they found long corrdors and more doors than the map had. Checking the map showed death was the next right, so they went left, first door revealed a white room with some blood in it, they shut the hatch and opened the next one.

They found a small white dragon with a muzzle on it in a cage and took pityon it and opened the cage, only to find it was bigger on the inside the dragon was evil and it started shooting beams of light at them.

5 minutes later one dead white dragon was salvaged from a self destruct sequence and Markus checked the next room and found a sword in a floating glass chamber which he smashed quickly and took the sword. He joined the rest and they planned their next move….



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