Dragon King Legacy

Welcome to the Quann, its not all fun and games

Log 33

The group brought Kalecerant around with the aid Of Taklinn (which was retrieving his casually flung axe) and decided to summon the church, to report on Heth's activities and to clean up what vile things there were lying around.

Beorn secretly took the evil dagger to sell only to find the head of Vlaadaam abroad sorting out some financial things with the money they gave her, so he went and hid it on the roof of the Church of Hextor.

With Taklinn they visited Jevicca of the Mages Guild (teaching Taklinn along the way the wonders of flying). Jevicca had found out much around the Banewarrens and found something called the Staff of Shards would be the key to sealing the prison, only thing was there were three parts, one was deep in the Banewarrens, one was in the Quann and one mystriously had been in the Rivergate district and had moved to the Church of Hextor, Boern looked a bit batish when he heard this and said he would have a look for it, Jevicca gave him a knowing look.

With the dagger in hand she purged the evil from it and found it to be pure of heart and good.

The dagger also revealed much about the Pactlords, so much so, Jevicca said the group would be rewarded if they could take out the Original Pactlords, one was dead, another had risen the deity status and the third had not been seen in some time. However the last, Charch Pann was in the Quann who was a Beholder, it didn't sound like much (until Lyari heard about this and quivered a little).

The Church of Lothian had rewarded the group with rare items the church had in its possession to say thank you in finding Heth was working behind their backs and they would be doing a purge to make sure no others were hiding their own activities.

The group were happy until they did an inventory check and found the ring of wish was missing, Mungo had it last and surprise he was also missing along with Kielder, they would have chat with them later (assuming they could find them). With that Beron had a look around and recruited Dench and Half-Orc looking for treasure and an abilty of finding traps, he was hired immediately.

The next day, the group ventured into the Quann. It was cold and marsh like on the other side, they found a structure of the Pactlords and after a brief search by Beorn they found a Tower and a Mansion.

They went to the tower first only to be greeted by a Couatl called 'Chal', who wanted to kill the Beholder, the place was magically tight, so the group decided to rest up and taken on the Beholder when they were ready…



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