Dragon King Legacy

Welcome to the North

Log 13

Stepping through the portal they ended up in a town with a big problem, the local beasts which normally peaceful had turned violent for no apparent reason and one of the noblemens' son has disappeared on a flying machine in the direction of said beasts.

The group sought out gear and provisions including a new winter coat for the Lion Rak'karr which was not liking the change in scenery and temperature.

After touring the town, making some enquires and paying homage to some shrines, the group were guided to a canyon that would lead them to a place known as the Talons, this was the pace where the beats resided and the son possibly was.

However they were ambushed by Orcs! Despite surprising the group the Orcs did little damage and while Wilbury shot a surprised Snow Hawk accidently out of the sky, the group decimated the Orcs. Checking around the area, they found a cave which led to more Orcs which were vaporized by Marcus's Burning Hands wand and the rest were mopped up.

Continuing down the canyon, they came to a rope bridge which did not look good swaying around in the breeze. Seeing the danger the group took precautions and were rewarded with access across the ravine with no injuries, although they did lose the bridge in the process and Grok did get blown off the bridge, only his Monk training saved him from harm.

With everyone across, the group continued down the canyon…



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