Dragon King Legacy

Welcome to Ptolus (We have shops a plenty!)

Log 21

In the few days until their departure, the various party members went off to do their own thing to pass the time. In this time Wilbury was in deep thought about the future and what to do about it, she realized she was not keen to go on this Airship and maybe her music could be used elsewhere, so with a heavy heart she wrote a note to the rest of the group and snuck away.

The group found the note and went looking for her but there was no sign.

On the last day before boarding the airship Marcus had an announcement to make, his name was actually Mungo and he had been in hiding from a gang, he wanted to be sure that he could trust the group and that no one had tried laying hands on him from the gang.

With that he changed how he dressed and how he presented himself, when this was welcome news to everyone, they still kept an eye on their coins purses, just in case.

With that they boarded the airship, Kielder was a bit of a sticking point not wanting to board something that flew but was quickly sorted out by a levitate spell from Lyari and a lasso from Grok.

The trip was fast but uneventful, the dread of falling out of the sky never happened and by the end of the week they saw in the distance a huge pillar of black rock reaching into the clouds ahead of them and they they saw the city in it's shadow, Ptolus.

They landed on the merchants guild and wasted no time to sell off their valuable assets, weird technology and various bit of junk they had acquired in their adventures. They got a good price and set to work buying new gear which was not exactly what they wanted but they searched and bought some useful items.

After their spending spree they decided to locate a good Inn, the Griffon had been recommended to them so they went on their way, then they heard the screams.

A Half Orc was on fire, Kielder quick as a flash whipped out a blanket and leapt upon him to smother the flames in which he was successful, The Half Orc had no idea what happened, one moment he was on his way to buy some food, next he was on fire. He thanked the group and continued on his way. Then more screams from the next street were heard.

A stall vendor was rising into the air and was almost at roof level, Grok and his trusty Lasso roped her back to the ground, she had no idea why she started floating. Lyari sensing something afoot checked the next street.

His hunch was right, a Drow radiating cursed magic was walking down the street, the group surrounded him and subdued him and found what Lyari had seen when Kielder touched him. Light sprung forth from every orifice he had, mouth nose, ears….even his arse glowed.

With that they started asking questions finding out he was from a cell in a manor house, why he was being held and what to do with him they debated among themselves….



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