Dragon King Legacy

Venturing forth.....and back again

Log 45

The group followed the discovered corridor find a series of doors which they marked for later inspection and came upon a massive room with what they thought was a Dragon trapped in a pool of glass, after exporing a bit and finding another puzzle which they could not figure out, they approached the big doors on the other side of the chamber.

They led to a room with a statue which asked them, 'What does it mean to be good' the group answered with a variety of responses which opened a secret door with stairs leading up.

They came to a ledge which used to have a rope bridge spanning a vast pit of which the depth was tested and they knew climbing down and up again would be bad, with that the group rested.

Returning to the ledge Beorn cast Stone Shape  and made a fancy bridge made of stone bears and walked upon it. As they reached the other side they were attacked by some bestial looking creatures which did not last long from a casually thrown Fireball from Lyari.

Traversing the new set of stairs the group found another ledge, while the group were examining this they heard squeaking, they turned to find Beorn had turned into a Gnome, Lyari realised the area was covered in an anti-magic field, disabled somewhere else perhaps or would they need to use mundane means? Whatever the case was, the group backtracked to close up odds and ends they had found on the way to this point.

Doors were explored, fountains purged of Black Puddings and rooms were looted of some valuable things.

Where upon they found a small pit with runes inscribed around the opening, everyone averted their eyes, except for Taklinn which spoke the runes aloud against his will, they was a pop and a huge frost elemental emerged. It thanked Taklinn and preceded to attack them!



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