Dragon King Legacy

Two Offers of Employment

Log 22

The group decided to hand in the Drow to the authorities with a stern warning as to what would happen if they touch him, which the authorities think it would do no harm much amusement to those standing nearby.

With the Drow sorted out, the group retired to the Griffon and settled down enjoying some refreshment when a regal looking woman appeared and introduced herself as a representative of the secret mage guild in the city. She knew where the Drow came from and wanted to employ them since they had tried to stop the Drow and his curse. She wanted to learn on how the magical prison he came from was opened and how to shut it permanently to which she offered a substantial reward to all of them.

The group thanked her and were thinking it over when a little while later, a man in priest robes walked in and praised the group for their deeds and told them about a Paladin of their God had gone missing and was connected somehow to there recent deeds and offered them free services and a reward for finding their Paladin alive (preferably).

The group considered both choices which one to take before it was pointed out that both did not conflict as far as they could see and accepted both offers, dispatching Mungo & Kielder to deliver the messages while the group split up and asked around trying to get some infomation.

They discovered the last place the Paladin had been sighted, the Drow had been detected from a Manor house in the old quarter, Ragnar did not like the temple of Heironious was at one end of the street and the temple of Hextor the other in the temple district, ditto for Cuthbert & Obad Hai which shared an altar (part-time) and Taklinn found a magical tattoo shop in which he made some purchases of just to look cool and mean.

The group decided to rest up at the Inn before checking out the manor and gaining lawful entry to the manor house. There were subtle signs that they were being watched before whoever was watching disappeared and could not be found.

Searching the manor revealed a big hole in the wall of the wine cellar and proceeded inside to see where it went…



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