Dragon King Legacy

Turning up the Heat

Log 59

The group went to the next door and had a look inside.

It was very cold and a shrine was present within. Crystaline armour surrounded by dragon statues and gargoyles, Beorn & Ragnar shouted warning to Khaine which was checking out the statue when it moved and hit him, everyone rushed in. For Khaine it was a running battle with him doing the running and throwing the occasional dagger.

The group was getting colder by the breath attacks of these things until Taklinn cried out for his god to intercede and help them and a Treeant appeared and laid waste to what remained before getting grumpy and demanding payment for its services which Taklinn paid.

The identified the groove in the floor and using the lessons learnt from the previous chamber used a mixture of Cone of Cold and ice water, rumbling in the distance increased in volume and tempo.

The rested up only to find the rumbling had stopped, whatever it was, was on a timer.

Lyari said not to go into the fire room but the group convinced him that they had to go in there at some point and they knew how to activate the shrines now so it should be easy!

Venturing in found the room to be warm with a statue of a brazier surrounded by ash.

Beorn spotted the groove in the floor and called down a Flame Strike which explosively ignited the ash turning it into a Huge Fire Elemental, the room became volcano hot!

Beorn summoned in a Ice Elemental which promptly caught fire! The group could hear the rumbling in the distance increase but wanted to finish off the elemental before they were burnt to a crisp…



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