Dragon King Legacy

To the Manor! (Away from the Beholder!)

Log 34

Lyari step in at this point having just focused on the prospect of fighting a Beholder and strongly opposed going against it, for now anyway. They promised Chal they would return with better weapons to do the deed and headed off to the manor.

Enroute Taklinn discovered the Quann spewed white rocks which he thought looked like diamonds which he retrieved, and showed the others only to find they were even more valuable as they were not diamonds but a type of arcane crystal which gave Magic Users a boost in what they could do. The group thought they could make some money off this plane once they had dealt with the residents.

With that they approach the Manor, they slowed when they saw a Hydra walk past the Manor and towards the back of it, everyone shared glances not sure they wanted to face that.

Before they could go another step eight Orges appeared out of the Manor and charged at the them!

The fight was one sided with only Taklinn and Ragnar getting the worse hits and Taklinn losing his temper on Kalam & Dench which had guarded the rear during the attack.

With that they marched up to the doors and Dench opened them only for a Behir to breath on them making their hair stick on end. During the fight Kalam got swallowed and Grills the bear almost killed if it was not for Lyari magic.

The group recovered before exploring the Manor further…



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