Dragon King Legacy

There and back again

Log 27

The group decided to cast some spells upon the key to stop anything that might try scrying for it and track them by doing so, they felt better when the spell was cast and had a discussion about what to do with the key, it was still too early to go to the Mage's Guild and they did not fancy taking a walk to the temple district so after about an hour they descended once more into the Bane warrens, their new Monk however was missing and there were new tracks leading down into the tunnel.

While this was a little disturbing it was only a single set, but Kielder thought he could hear someone or something following, they were quite far behind but were noticeable, the group debated to stop in one place to see if anyone showed themselves but after some time it was clear whoever it was did not want show themselves…..yet.

Walking to the main door they saw Kalecerant and the monk Kalam guarding the door, it was clear who's tracks it was now, they told the group the Blue troll had attacked them but it disappeared before they could kill it, just then the Blue Troll appeared again looked around and vanished. The group were not happy, this thing would be a problem later.

With that they opened the door with the key and stepped inside.

It was old inside, the dust of ages was present, they proceeded up some stairs and found themselves in a room with three flights of stairs and a corridor to choose.

Mungo opted for the left staircase option and made their way up, a trap that was stuck closed was found next to two doors, the larger of which was opened and a metal turntable of some sort was in the room with a series of levers, after some experimenting (a painful experince for some) they decided to return later and tried the other door.

Through the door they found a dead end and a force wall, it made no sense why a force wall would be here unless it was hiding something, Ragnar said he could sense evil coming from the right while Detect Magic from Beorn showed something to the left. Since there was nothing they could find, they backtracked to the room with multiple routes.

Mungo opted for the corridor this time and proceeded along it and saw a flight of stairs at the end and which point he fell over and passed out, Taklinn saw Mungo collapse and dragged him out quickly, there was a cold trap just before the stairs that covered a wide area.

Taklinn cured Mungo and then opted to check out what was ahead carefully with Endure Elements cast upon himself.

He scouted around finding a Spectre which ran as soon as Taklinn raised his holy symbol and discover a construct not hostile, but moaning about it duties, Taklinn helped him carefully and said he would return with help.

Meanwhile the group while waiting for Taklinn to return, started hearing something metallic being struck back from the Door, taking positions and thinking it could be bad they setup an ambush.

They were glad they had, the door opened and six large haired apes with metal crossbows came up slowly the stairs to them.

Lyari whispered 'Kha'dhan' the beings they had met previously, what were they doing here they wondered, with that the ambush was sprung with Lyari throwing a Fireball at them.

The apes were shocked but not surprised and charged the group, wounded as they were they still looked ready for a fight….



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