Dragon King Legacy

The Tower in the garden

Log 7

The group carefully engaged the Kobolds and finished them off with a little difficulty.

Grok & Ragnar inspected behind each curtain getting wet with water, blasted with air and almost crushed with rock. They did find a small room behind ones with some nice treasure and a few magic items.

The group inspected the other room only to be Ambushed by a Derro, which used some poison on Grok but despite the Derro's skill he was overcome in short order.

Everywhere has now been search so the group backtracked to the garden, the thick spiky brush was no longer on fire but was looking quite unharmed, the group with a sign decided to cut a path to the Tower they saw earlier and stumbled across a path before they came across the tower. They advanced along the footpath and rounded a bend into some sniper fire!

Taklinn, Grok & Ragnar changed in while the rest hung back to provide some covering fire, taking down some of the Kobolds. The ones to charge forward were met by some sort of Dragon kobold who breathed cold on them, leaving them feel a little weak.

The fight continues nest time.



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