Dragon King Legacy

The Snazzy Mek-Boss of Custard!

Log 20

The group raided the nearby storage room of everything it had apart from the most cumbersome of items and rested in a nearby room, they then buffed themselves up and then entered the simulation room and commanded for the Mek-Boss to come out.

The Mek-Boss appeared, 20 feet tall and 8 feet wide it had a claw which seemed connected to one of its arms and a strange weapon with 4 metal pipes with a chain of metal linking to an underside box, it turned to them with a air of menace and said: Ello.

Whatever the group what expecting, this definitely was not it, sure it look mean and threatening but it was having conversation with them about being annoyed but having fun with the red apes when ever they came in.

The group seeing that the Mek-Boss was pretty harmless had a chat with him about what had happened and learnt that he had been copied so the red apes could learn how to defeat him, what they learn was that it was impossible, not only was he very tough, he was bonkers to boot especially when he said he was sharing his heads with three others.

The group getting tired of this and knowing they could not fight something that was not evil went to leave, only to find they could not, the simulation had been programmed that they or the Mek-Boss had to 'die' before the door would open. The Mek-Boss let they have a go at defeating him, he lowered his defenses and even egged them on to have another go after causing a tiny burn mark. The group realized then they would have to 'die', so they did and 'died; in various ways, Lyari found hard to believe he was still alive after being shot by something very loud, the experience was so real to him that he got a bit hurt 'dying'.

With everyone 'dead' the doors opened and everyone left disappointed about the outcome, but learnt something new about themselves.

With that, they removed the last power source and clambered out of the Ship (with the nobleman's son in tow) and found the red apes dead among a lot of white yetis which look a lot happier and waved to the group.

The problem seemed to be solved and the group trek back to town where they were rewarded with a bit more than they asked for and started to sell what gear they had and made plans where to go next. Boris the nobleman said he would be leaving in a few days on his newly built airship to a city called Ptolus. Considering all the wealth they had, this seemed like a good idea and made preparations.



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