Dragon King Legacy

The Outer Limits

Log 8

Finally with a last flurry of ranged fire and a few more sweeps with their weapons, the group managed to dispatch the Kobolds and their Dragonkin. The group looted what they could and rested a while before descending the stairs.

It was warm and moist down here, the first door led them to a similar garden but one with mutated trees with birthing pods hanging off them protected by Spider guardians, the spiders were dispatched easily and Ragnar & Taklinn urged the rest to purge all the pods, the work took an hour but it felt good, to put the creatures out of their misery and what they could of become.

The group advanced down a corridor and opened the next door, only to find horrors waiting behind it, living furniture and walls made out of Kobolds a dark hooded Kobold raised itself up and tried to fight them but was unsuccessful. The group overpowered all of them and set the room ablaze with holy fire.

More and more horrors were discovered in the rooms beyond and were dispatched by the group until they came to a room that glowed an unearthly crimson.

The Kobolds within smiled evilly and bashed their shields trying to goad the group towards them, Lyari shouted a warning but it was too late, Ragnar & Grok fell victim to a reverse gravity effect while poor Taklinn got thrown around the room like a ragdoll, whereupon the Kobolds engaged them…



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