Dragon King Legacy

The Orge Cave

Log 2

The group decided to head towards the smoke and came upon a cave with a very unusual Orge that had Jet Black skin. Words were shared but any kind of diplomacy was wasted as the Orge then tried to kill them, many were hit by the Orge but it was put down before any serious harm could befall anyone.

Due to the level of injuries the party had receive and the light of day was disappearing, the group decided to retreat back to the farmhouse and recover and start out fresh (or close to fresh) in the morning.

The Party explored more of the cave avoiding being ambushed by Stirges although some friendly fire did happen when Lyari drop-kicked his crossbow onto Taklinn's head!

The group then came upon a trapdoor which seemed to fill with water over time, they also encounter a chest with animated wooden dolls inside them. The fighters of the group held the dolls back long enough to ransack the chest before throwing them back within it.

The group then went down the last route available to them and came across some giant beetles, what the party will do next will be revealed next time.



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