Dragon King Legacy

The Horned King

Log 15

Wilbury & Kielder  decided after a few hours to look for the group after coming to the conclusion no-one was sneaking up behind them, while they waited they heard growling, a huge explosion and some loud sobbing. So they went up the canyon and found half an orc, a blackened crater and a pair of dead Yetis (it was revealed later Grok was doing the crying), they also found the hut around the tree and were shown visions from the Orc within. After about an hour, they caught up with the rest of the group.

The Talons or specifically the Horned King Face were impressive this close up, coming closer revealed one eye burned an orange red while the other glowed an eerie green. Ignoring this for now the group looked to seek shelter in the ruins nearby which were identified as Frost Giant design.

On the way they discovered a group of Orcs which seemed to do some strange magic, not that it did them much good as Lyari killed them all with a single Fireball.

Continuing on and finding strange floating balls of light which did not seem to do anything, the group came upon the ruins and started hunting around seeing what there was and securing it for the night.

While Markus was 'acquiring' some treasure he disturbing a Large metal spider which tried to Gas them, while Lyari passed out (with his Owl) everyone else pummeled it with all the might they muster, even Markus leapt in with his wand that Ignited the gas, the spider glowed red and then disappeared with a sharp clap sound. Where to, who knows?

Markus then started poking around the around the spider was and soon wished he did not as he found a Frost Giant skeleton, he tried to dodge the blow aimed for him but was caught dead on, only by a miracle he did not succumb to the darkness before Taklinn could restore his wound.

The size of taking out the giant left the group wondering had they bitten more they could chew?



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