Dragon King Legacy

The Conflagration

Log 43

The group gave the electrical trap a wide berth and determined the door opposite them was open, moving inside they were confronted with a Xorn demanding materials for it to eat, after a bit of diplomacy the group exchange the location of a trove of minerals with some gold for what was around them, a few rooms of interest, others with hazards and the dark energy mist with 2 Slaad and very valuable treasure!

The group decided to lay an ambush for the Slaad and draw them in, while the ambush went off as the expected Lyari forgot some details of one of the Slaad which ambushed them! The fight was very one sided as the ambushing Slaad missed it's surprise attack and went downhill from there especially when Taklinn missed his touch spell on it and ended up with his hand up its nose.

With the Slaad taken care of the group navigated the mist with some failure and success, half of them were blind and Beorn found the treasure and covered it in his bear slobber which Lyari complained about, still there were some really nice magic items in the small pile they had.

The group then wondered what to do next…..



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