Dragon King Legacy

Sun & Shadow

Log 42

Checking out the sound, they found a human chained to the wall, after a bit of discussion, it turned out this was the original Dench and the body in the bag was an imposter! (No wonder he was so bad at finding traps)

Dench was a nickname he kept for 'business' his actual name was Khaine and he had teleported into the Banewarrens only to be captured by a Lich, he observed that the Lich acted strangely in the southern part of the room, to which the group had a look and gestured Khaine see if there were any traps.

Ironically he did find one which almost killed him, Taklinn had enough sense to pull him out of the crushing rock pillar before he became paste. The group backtracked and checked out the remaining doors in the previous rooms finding a blackened room and something worse.

A huge area was covered in a dark energy mist where the fabric of reality wore thin, Lyari scouted ahead using a spell of Invisibility and found a pit in the middle as if a massive explosion had occurred here. He saw a Blue Slaad climb up from the pit and look around, Lyari then backtracked and met the others to explain what he had found before the group rested.

The next day, the group returned to where Khaine had been held and proceeded up the narrow corridor to the Lich, unfortunately with Khaine scouting ahead and informing them the Lich had prepared an ambush, the group decided to plan how to attack it and the Lich heard them and hit them all with a Lightning Bolt, however the Lich's glee was short lived as Taklinn briefly lit the Lich up with Searing Light and when the light faded, all that was left was a pile of ash.

Searching the room and ash pile revealed a few items which were stowed and they continued down the corridor, they could sense a magical presence nearby and found a trap which snowed green dust. The dust was paralyzing to all it touched, so Lyari used Ice Wall to stop the dust and Khaine, after a few minutes disabled the trap. The magical effect turned out to be a malfunctioning trap which shot electricity along the corridor, Lyari consider what to do with it, should they continue this way or look around?



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