Dragon King Legacy

Slippery when Wet

Log 3

The group decided on luring out the Beetles to clear the way and it would have worked except the rocky ground was a bit wet; Kielder, Wilbury & Marcus all fell over with Marcus staring into the mouth parts of the nearest beetle and used his 10 foot pole to keep it at bay!

By the time the others had come to his aid (Grok falling on his arse on the way a few times) he had a 6 foot pole. With the beetles defeated the group move onto the next batch of beetles where upon as the commenced combat, they were ambushed themselves by rock centipedes this time!

While Grok showed his awesome moves by not hitting anything in particular, the group slayed the creatures only to find a dead end Lyari cast Detect Magic thinking it might be an illusion but only found that the shield they picked up in the Orge cave was magical.

They returned to the trapdoor only to find the water had drained. The Rogue went-a-scouting and was attacked by some surprised Kobolds who only succeeded in hitting his footprints of where he had been before legging it with javelins.

After a little while the group advanced avoiding a bear trap but seeing no Kobolds just more ambushing Rock Centipedes. The found an underground river, very wide and fairly deep but managed to get across with aid from Grok who made his way across to attach a rope (the Halfling throwing idea was brought up but was quickly dismissed by Marcus).

The group had a choice of two tunnels, one was lit and the other was not. They decided the un-lit tunnel was safer and advanced into it avoiding a net trap but Marcus fumbled with his disabling of the trap and it went off!

None of the group were affected but a rusty old kettle came down crashing and clanging to the floor making the group's ears ring and worrying who else had heard it….



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