Dragon King Legacy

Shadows of the Past

Log 62

The group decided on the second cave to explore next, the Lizardfolk had told them this was a Hatchery and thus should be pretty dead……it looked it.

Khaine using his show magic and handy pair of Spider Climb Boots scouted ahead and found a light source from a very large egg surrounded by wyrmling skeletons and lots of egg shells. Ragnar had a look around but could detect nothing, Beorn had a look around before listening the the egg.

At that moment, Ragnar alerted everyone that the skeletons had just come alive and their shadows came alive too! They started to flit around touching people and draining them of their strength, Lyari, Kalam & Taklinn waded in and finished the undead quickly although they found out as quick as they were Khaine got a lot of attention and was left dangling from the ceiling with no strength left.

Healing up as best as they could do, they took shelter and rested inside the cave before proceeded to the next point of interest, a large dragon skeleton!

Or as it turned out a Colossal dragon skeleton lacking a head, the area reek of magic, this was due to a Large spear while had impaled the dragon in the past, it was blinding to look at with detect magic active and seemed to be protected by some magical runes which looked dangerous, the group weighed up what to do next…



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