Dragon King Legacy

Running Running Running away from a Hydra

Log 35

The group stated to check out the Manor finding some useful items and Ysabelle the Dagger informed them of whose room was where, and they found the second part that linked her to becoming a staff, however something seems amiss, they consider resting up when there was a loud battering outside, but counting the slams they realised what was about to come through the door and started to leg it.

And not a moment too soon as a eight headed Hydra bashed its way through the wall and started to pursue them along with a Yuan-Ti Abomination and a Ooze Mephit which quickly fell behind when Beorn and Taklinn cast Entagle to slow them down.

The group was making some headway when something appeared in front of them flying out of the mist, a Harpy which upon seeing them started to do some strafing runs trying to pin them down so the Hydra could catch up, it succeeded when Beorn called up a Wind Wall and shaped it into a dome over the group, he then went to attack the Harpy with mixed success, he managed to get it's attention only to be hit at near point blank range, after two arrows Beorn disengaged, not wanting to feel that kind pain.

The Hydra with Yuan-Ti was seconds away and the Harpy started to move by attacks, the group looked to make a stand here, was it their last as tired as they were?



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