Dragon King Legacy


Log 51

The group finished off the remaining monsters and waited for Lyari to blast the golem away, unfortunately Ragnar had other ideas and summoned his Lion, which promptly got sliced in two by said golem.

However the Lion delay the golem enough for Lyari to destroy it and the group looted what they could before descending down to the bottom.

With that Lyari teleported everyone back to the Inn where Lyari 'forgot' the size of his own room, got flattened by the dead Lion.

After they dragged their Wizard from under the Lion, they went to use the services of the Church of Lothian and brought Khaine back to life, Ragnar stayed on to oversee the Lion being brought back too while everyone else met up with Jevicca to sell her 'certain' items the Paladin was not aware of.

The group minus the paladin, went to the magic shop to flog all they possessed, they were at it for sometime……



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