Dragon King Legacy

Look Out! Behind you!

Log 49

Since there was nothing more to gain, they decided to go up to the next level and make camp there only to find a lot of debris, a warding generator still active and 6 Ogres wanted to feed on their flesh.

After the group solved the Ogre problem they found two doors on this level were open, one smelt bad and the other had a hint of chain behind it.

Khaine chose the smelly one and found a pyramid that when touched would produce meat, after some poking and examination it was determined this would snath small animals, shred them and spew the meat out this end.

The group explored the rooms find some traps which were avoided or disarmed and found a blood star gem which Khaine took.

Backtracking, the group entered the chain door, the room was full of nasty looking chains and had a chain bridge which spanned a pit to the otherside with a door, opening it led to a chest with some items inside, Taklinn remained on the otherside of the bridge, while the others were distracted he saw a figure made by chains, rise up from the bridge. Taklinn shouted a warning and everyone was attacked by chains when they charged the figure.

Various spells were employed against the being but all bounce off some sort of resistance the thing had.

While the group was dealing damage to it, it was dealing massive damage to them, who would win????



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