Dragon King Legacy

Into the Depths

Log 5

The group started to look around the final areas find a darkmantle (that Marcus almost got grabbed by) and the Underground river again, this time with 2 rafts.

Thinking there was more to this place the group decided to split into the two rafts. The first raft had Kielder, Lyari & Grok. Raft 2 had Marcus, Ragnar, Wilbury & Taklinn.

Partway down the river, Raft 1 found the spider lurking on the ceiling and kill it without it laying a bite on anyone.

The river after about 20 minutes came to an end in a huge underground lake, since it was quite big the rafts stuck to the left hand wall when suddenly Grok was hit by crossbow bolts from a Kobold sniper position on the wall, the group fired back but either fell short or bounced off the Kobold's armour. The Kobolds reign of fire abruptly stopped when Lyari cast Colour Spray on them and they all fell into the water to drown.

Pulling each other up to the sniping position they found a corridor which they all followed and came to a crossroads, one tunnel looked blacker that the rest and the group decided on the tunnel next it especially when they thought they could footsteps approaching. However it was not footsteps, but shuffling! A Ghast came round the corner, with an impressive turn of speed Taklinn produced his Holy Symbol and the Ghast turned tail and ran away. At which point skeletons jumped on the group and caused some injury until Taklinn showed his symbol again turn two of them into dust and the last one making a hasty getaway.

Not wanting to pursue the undead the group advanced down the black tunnel and started to see things; blood covering their hands, finger turning into maggots creatures among them striking them while their backs were turned, it was lucky the swing and shots did not hit each other.

But they did create a lot of noise when a patrol of 12 Elite Kobolds found them and engaged them in combat, thing looked grim until Lyari cast Enlarge on Ragnar which then proceed to splat Kobolds one after the other. The group advanced again after the battle and saw a purple light up ahead, Ragnar spoke to them at this point saying there was evil beyond the light.

With that they cautiously stepped into the light ready to vanquish whatever they met.



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